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  1. Jakehasz17

    Valguero Boss

    Valguero Boss just wondering if anyone else has been having troubles atarting a boss fight in drops. I dont know if this is intentional or not.
  2. I have seen 3 fire wyvrens spawn in abberation zone.
  3. RIP body bags, forever loved
  4. Did you try dropping it then picking it back up, that works for me
  5. Watch it just be a Female Raptor lol
  6. When huge tribes are getting attacked and don't have 25 people on they kick the people that are not on and add people to replace them to fight. This can be prevented by creating a timer from when you kick the person. For example when you kick BOB there is a 24 hour cool down for him to be able to join the tribe again.
  7. Thanks for adding. It also kinda ruins the point of actual classic. if your whole tribe cant be on than tough up and fight. Are you playing classic Aylana?
  8. I don't want to release a photo just in case the alpha's see it, but there are pretty much 100 heavys. I have a capped ptera saddle at 75. With 50 points in health.
  9. Classic Raid How do I go about raiding a base that is on the side of a cliff on the center? It is classic so there are no quetzals.
  10. Jakehasz17

    Tribe timer

    Tribe timer Specifically for classic. The big tribes in classic have log out boxes full of people so whenever they don’t have enough people on they kick the people that aren’t online then invite someone from the box.
  11. Making them breedable would be way to op for the mega tribes.
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