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  1. smalltribe servers: Lots of rules... Rules without enforcement are meaningless. There's no admin... and you need a picture to report. Most tribes ain't stupid, and they will avoid raiding at the same time, they will attack one after the other, so you wont be able to picture it. and they wont attack each other of course and help each other. So whats the point?
  2. Is there any estimation for when the new smalltribe servers will be launched? Thanks.
  3. Arkis

    Speciality Server Suggestions!

    @GhostCreep and what with the fact that lots of players quit the game because of mega tribes? if you want to have 70 players on a tribe, maybe just go and rent a server? maybe your idea is cool, but it wont bring new players to the game, and thats bad.
  4. Arkis

    Speciality Server Suggestions!

    If they wont open tribe-limit, I hope someone will open a tribe-limit servers... I am missing playing ark, and i aint gonna join official with mega alpha tribes...
  5. Arkis

    Speciality Server Suggestions!

    Love your idea. but without the monthly wiped - it kinda makes the game useless. With these kind of settings, the game will be much more enjoyable, I really hope they will hear our call!
  6. Arkis

    Speciality Server Suggestions!

    The game is dying. We truly need new cluster of servers with tribe limit 5-8[2-5 is fine too, SMALL TRIBES] players with an alliance limit of 2. it can be x2/x1. Offline raid protection is fine too. [reduces the risk of toxic players who will abuse new players and weak ones] Even with a toxic tribe of 8 players, the server can fight against. but as for today, with a toxic tribe of 50+ the server is done. The game meant to be played by small tribes and the struggle to rise to power. Please Dev, for the future of the game - put servers with tribe limit. It surely will bring lots of players that abandoned the game. It just might bring back the glory. Thanks man. this is our last hope.