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  1. Yeah, nothing seems to work against the swarms. We leave some megatheriums and theri's on neutral to keep them from killing passive tames. Its annoying. Can't wait until this next bug patch where they decrease the swarms.
  2. Crafting stuff in replicator and chem benches on Xbox One X here, extremely laggy. This is in bog that I'm experiencing this. So it probably doesn't help on top of the constant rain effects.
  3. Cedric said on Twitter that they would be ending the 2x taming and xp today at 3pm PDT, which would just make it 2x harvesting until beyond this upcoming EVO event as said in the official ARK twitter post.
  4. Snap Tek Storage to Replicators, Auto Fill Replicator Tek Storage could snap around or to the Tek Replicator, which could then pull resources from the Tek Storage to fill items to be crafted without having to take stuff from Tek Storage and place it into the Tek Replicator. Like a auto-fill operation. Tek Storage could still function the same as now to add and remove stuff, but toggling the ability to use a auto-fill on the box could allow that box to be used by the Tek Replicator. Would increase production of items per element use and eliminate time it takes to transfer items from box t
  5. If you can make a tek bubble, that works. lol
  6. Had placed numerous torches around the base. It did not help. Great idea though! Looks like nothing works except bug repellent.... better stock up ?
  7. Why make spots buildable around these teleporter locations if you can't place turrets near them? Same question for mission areas, there's a place in the middle of the three mission points in volcano that is buildable. I'm assuming that too is now a no no for turrets?
  8. Haven't tried it, might have to check that out. That'd be a pain to keep filled though lol
  9. Auto turrets don't even target the swarms.
  10. I'm built on a little island / mountain peak in bog with behemoth gates around the entire thing, they literally spawn in the base, up in the air and attack over and over. Found out the hard way that the swarm attacks, drop the food on magmars fast.
  11. Any Swarm Defenses? Anyone figure out any way to setup defenses against the swarms in bog other than have a select few dino's on neutral? Swarms eat the Species X plants and turrets do not shoot swarms.
  12. Sounds like someone messed up with the server codes between regular servers and the build-free servers.
  13. I thought I had to run from chair to chair to get more fish when I was doing it. Couldn't get it for nothing myself.
  14. Do you have structures built into the replicator by chance? Today I was messing around with some ceilings and boxed in mine for some dumb reason and it wouldn't let me access it. It did however let me turn it on and off. I removed the structures from around it and was able to access mine again though. Also, just to clarify, you're using Element and not element shards to power it, right?
  15. I was able to tame 135 last weekend during the 3x with a little over 100 or so packs. This weekend its only 2x taming, breeding, xp though. I haven't attempted it myself again, but have heard rumors on my server that it takes more for sure.
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