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    ark needs to fix its poop

    note, apparently there is a filter that blocks swearing, so if words seem random or out of place thats why
  2. raptornugget

    ark needs to fix its poop

    so its no secret the devs are too raptoring stupid to fix the dozens of bugs in their game. its been 3 years, yet d-sync with projectile based weapons exists still DILO, dinos glitching under the map, increased host tether distance on locally hosted servers causing players and dinos to have massively increased swim speed, glitching inside dinos. the list goes on and on. so, its clear the devs are so raptoring retarded to fix bugs, so how about we do something about the balance? i started a petition on change.org but that only got 2 signatures XD. i thought id share it here so people can see it and it may get some recognition. (the following is a copy+paste from the poll i made, link here if you would like to sign----> https://www.change.org/p/wildcard-studios-make-ark-great-again) so, I’ve been playing ark for over two years. I’ve been a big PVP player, but i quit the game altogether in December. why? the game is broken and unbalanced that’s why. i have a friend who has been playing official (who has recently quit too) and we have been discussing what could be done to save this game. of course, official servers need desperate help, but someone under the name BAM has already started a petition for this. if you haven’t already, support the petition this guy is a raptoring legend (link at bottom of page). no i am not here to talk about official servers, i am here to discuss the balance of the game. in fact, it’s the main reason i quit. so many features make this game unfun and it shocks me that people still play PVP. i will list my proposed changes down below, each with my reasoning as to why they should be implemented. Proposed change 1: removing flyer picking, removing whips and nerfing bolas stop defending flyers. they’re OP. One thing that i will mention a lot in this essay is stun mechanics. ark has way too many of them. in a PVE atmosphere, being able to stun a creature your trying to tame using a bola or pick up a dino with your flyer makes complete sense. however, transition this to PVP, and you have the most boring and painful game mechanics known to mankind. Being able to pick a player off their mount, fly them into the sky and drop them isn’t fun. for those who don’t understand what I’m on about, let me explain. I will refer to this list here throughout, as it is a good way of explaining what is wrong with ark . Two players see each other flyer around on their pteras . the two players will then proceed to have the most drawn out and painful dogfight known in human history. this will continue until one is either picked or a ptera has run out of stamina. . once picked, the player will use their whip or bola to release themselves from the pteras claws, dismounting the rider in the process. . both players will parachute to the safety of the ground . instead of shooting each other, they will throw bolas at each other and one will begin hitting the other with a whip. .the other person is stunned and their items are being taken from their hot bar, they can’t shoot the other person because his player model is set to the smallest size possible, their speed levelled to 130+ and infected with swamp fever, they are a tick on steroids. they have no choice other than to retaliate with their own whip. . both players stunned, they will then proceed to hit each other for about a minute or two, until one is completely disarmed. . the unarmed player will have no choice but to run away. he is pretty raptoring hard to kill though, as he has extremely high tier Armor and can tank nearly a dozen sniper shots at point blanc. .this ends two ways. one eventually dies, or they both run away like little bitches losing their items and maybe their bird in the process. really think about it for a minute. how many times have encountered players like this? countless times presumably. how can we fix this? well that brings me back to my original solution. by removing the ability to pick players off their mounts, we can eliminate this problem. NOTE that I said players, there is no issue with picking up wild Dinos. furthermore, flyers are too overused which makes the other 100 or so creatures irrelevant. think about aberration. PVP in aberration is so fun because the gameplay is so diverse. you can use a Megalosaurus, a Spinosaurus, a Ravager, a basilisk, a drake or whatever you want, there isn’t a feature in place that makes one of these creatures OP and the rest irrelevant. it makes the game different, it allows for diversity and SKILL. the ability to pick someone using your flyer is so OP and has no counter, making it the only Meta people use. The ability to stun people with a bola should only be effective against wild dinosaurs, the same with Whips. furthermore, whips should not be able to steal items out a player’s inventory. i understand many people will hate this, but this is for the greater good Proposed change number 2: Armor/weapon nerfs as I mentioned before, players with high tier flak/riot Armor (master craft, ascendant, ect ect) are nearly unkillable. the same goes with dino saddles. i like the idea of finding better gear in supply drops, but 1000+ protection riot Armor are you raptoring serious??????? again, I want Armor to be nerfed, but to keep it fair I suggest we reduce the base amount of protection on flak and riot by 25% (flak has 75 per piece, riot would have 95-ish). Also, I believe a limit should be placed on how much you can level up crafting effectiveness (it should be capped at around 120%). This would make it so that you can now actually kill people without having to unload enough bullets to make up the world’s population. again, many people will object to this, but have a long think about it. Proposed change 3: limit on player speed/removal of swamp fever speed bonus This is simple enough. Players shouldn’t be able to run around at 100mph and players should avoid becoming sick with swamp fever. Yet for some reason they are rewarded for it by getting a speed boost. Add a cap on movement speed so that it cannot be increased above 125% and remove the speed buff from swamp fever. Simple enough. Proposed change 4: turret limit I know what you’re thinking, “first he wants to nerf the flyers again and NOW HE WANTS TO NERF THE TURRETS? WHAT DREAMS OF CRUELTY AND PAIN CAN SOMEBODY LIKE THAT SUSTAIN?!?!” Put the pitch forks and torches down for a second, let me explain. I do not agree with the 100 turret limit the devs suggested a while back simply because 100 turrets is not enough to defend a large base. However, 300 is. Raiding a base with hundreds upon thousands of turrets isn’t fun, after all it is what’s causing the official servers to have 200+ ping. A limit needs to be added of course. 300 turrets is enough to defend a large base without having the enemy being forced to use a giant armada of Stegosaurs to drain the ammo. That’s it. With these features in place, the meta of ark will change for the better. The gameplay will become less repetitive and broken, instead show diversity and SKILL. I would appreciate if this poll could get some traction, it might save this game’s dying player base. Also a side note, the ark devs need to wipe all the official servers and remove cross transfer, with the exception of a handle full of servers (this is explained is BAM’S poll) BAMS POLL BELOW INCASE YOU HAVENT SIGNED https://www.change.org/p/studio-wildcard-ark-survival-evolved-official-servers-w-small-tribes-smaller-alliances?recruiter=877183516&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=copylink&utm_campaign=psf_combo_share_initial.pacific_abi_share_button_ordering_1.abi_featured_fb