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  1. Xbox Official Server Wipe Inbound The Xbox Official servers have been running for 2 years. Duping has plagued the servers and despite wildcards effort to remove duped items, It cannot be done. Obviously, The only solution to this Gamebreaking issue is to wipe the servers. Petitions were made, Thousands signed in favour. Before Duping, a Wipe was not necessary but now, All bases have duped items so there is no legit bases left. This means “ you will not be loosing your work.” 8 thousand players have left the game in the last week. This says a lot. At Arks prime time, There is 7 Official servers with more than 20 Population. This used to be more than 90 servers. Every legit player wants a wipe. People who don’t at this point are the duper’s ‘ and their opinions don’t matter. Debate your thoughts below.
  2. The only known fix is to buy an Xbox one X, The devs have stated that an Xbox One X is mandatory to run ark to its potential numerous times.
  3. Agree with everything said. Insiding is usually declaration of never being on that server again.
  4. Whether it’s a enemy you hate, or some free stuff you want, here’s the best tips out there, on how to inside, and prevent it: 1. Build trust for 1-2 hours - a few days depending on how strict they are 2. Ask for admin in a subtle way, such as to add your friend into the tribe, that is across the map. 3. Either kick everyone or change ranks ( the safe or not safe options) 4. When everyone’s asleep, upload and steal everything. Now some tips to prevent this: 1. Never, ever, give admin unless leader is online so they can kick the perpetrators. 2. Have strong allies for help when being insided, this makes it much more difficult as they’re on a time limit 3. Don’t have your best stuff at your bases or beds, always have a hidden reaper with your best loot hidden in the wild. These were some tips to prevent and preform an inside. I love insiding as it teaches others how to prevent it once it happens to them and you get some free tames to go troll with. Reply with your thoughts on the matter
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