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  1. Can’t Respawn Character on Official Server I cannot respawn my character on official server 497. The respawn button is greyed out. I have never heard of any case like this, please see attached pictures below.
  2. Incubating Megachelon eggs Does anyone know the spots to raise megachelons on Rag and center? I’ve heard you can do it, just haven’t figured out where is deep enough.
  3. Server 780 Down Server 780 is down currently on xbox. Neither 779 or 781 are down.
  4. Could be that yeah. Today randomly a level 135 took 100 bags yet a level 20 took a lot more than 100 an hour later. I don’t know how they are so broken right now.
  5. Big bug- After a Bloodstalker begins draining Players HP, if they get off the tame and get back on, they will likely instantly die. This needs fixed.
  6. Yeah, it’s been reverted to its original state. 150 takes 900+ blood.
  7. The server is up for others. Only a certain amount of people are affected by this glitch. I get the login lock on server 509 and it appears to be 0 pop, however my friends are currently in the server with no issues.
  8. Server 509 is still down. It’s been 7 hours. All my babies are dead.
  9. They won’t be Back up for at least 48 hours unfortunately. ced addressed the issue on twitter and stated that the team is on their holidays for Christmas. The issue can’t be fixed until they are back. I recommend playing a different game if your server is effected. Thank you.
  10. What are you on about? The only reason people want a wipe is because of the Duping. I’m in a mega tribe and my whole tribe wants nothing more than a wipe.
  11. Well considering all the megas have been dev wiped, they are the remaining playerbase. They are going to quit if the servers do not wipe. Fresh starting is what everyone wants so I’m not sure why anyone would quit? After all, Everyone’s hard work is already gone, only duped items remain.
  12. Xbox Official Server Wipe Inbound The Xbox Official servers have been running for 2 years. Duping has plagued the servers and despite wildcards effort to remove duped items, It cannot be done. Obviously, The only solution to this Gamebreaking issue is to wipe the servers. Petitions were made, Thousands signed in favour. Before Duping, a Wipe was not necessary but now, All bases have duped items so there is no legit bases left. This means “ you will not be loosing your work.” 8 thousand players have left the game in the last week. This says a lot. At Arks prime time, There is 7 Official servers with more than 20 Population. This used to be more than 90 servers. Every legit player wants a wipe. People who don’t at this point are the duper’s ‘ and their opinions don’t matter. Debate your thoughts below.
  13. The only known fix is to buy an Xbox one X, The devs have stated that an Xbox One X is mandatory to run ark to its potential numerous times.
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