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  1. Cannot Join Server Server 780 official PvP Na has been up yet unjoinable for almost 24 hours. Not a single Person can join the server, connection failed is simply the response. The issue is that the server is standing as active, it is not down, making it a server outage issue I presume. Auto decay will be taking over soon for some tribes on server.
  2. I fixed the issue by adding a very large amount of fuel, I think it was 100 element. The skiff then worked.
  3. Skiff not using fuel Our Tek skiff no longer consumes fuel and cannot fly. We have tried every fuel which worked yesterday. When we add the element, it says 10/100 element available yet the fuel tank stays empty no matter what we try to do.
  4. Can’t Respawn Character on Official Server I cannot respawn my character on official server 497. The respawn button is greyed out. I have never heard of any case like this, please see attached pictures below.
  5. Server 509 is still down. It’s been 7 hours. All my babies are dead.
  6. They won’t be Back up for at least 48 hours unfortunately. ced addressed the issue on twitter and stated that the team is on their holidays for Christmas. The issue can’t be fixed until they are back. I recommend playing a different game if your server is effected. Thank you.
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