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  1. And yet with 12 pages of this crap and no Devs have got back to us about adding more servers to light the load of cap servers or that iusse with the showing the worng amount a other weekend coming up now where the Servers will be even more busy ect.
  2. Got the DLC long time ago with gen 1 but not even played gen part 2 yet because of the lack of more servers atm all full still feel like WC failed to see how meny people will be playing it lol
  3. Dont you know thats what this DLC is not boss fights But to join servers what are full and spam the join button all the time thats the real DLC right there XD
  4. well the lack of servers still for gen 2 stucks what makes it unable to play add 10+ for the pc PVE servers
  5. I have not even started on Gen2 yet because of all the things with whats going on Server caps not working right Even if you log into the server good luck getting back in the next day ( server cap ) We need more pc-GEN 2 PVE Servers added not just the odd 2 or 3 but like 10+ more due to the fact everyone wants to play this DLC who payed for it you got a lot of dead ones even before the last DLC came out what you could purge off to make space for more pc-GEN 2 PVE servers please.
  6. Hi peeps is there a beta for gen part 2 to test out or is it all dev testing this part
  7. The Server lag all the time on most of them been like this for god know how long at this point i cant see a change tell ark 2 comes out for the servers no way are they going to update the hubs
  8. yeah i think the server am in chashing like every couple of hours going on am on NA rag 738
  9. Lets hope for a x2 event for next weekend >_<
  10. Do we get evo x2 this weekend ?
  11. With Lockdown still happing ect with covid 19 things around the world is still in a bad state like to relax on Ark with friends when crafting ect. But when the Ark devs limit the events to friday - monday for standed evo what makes this even more depressing as normal rates takes far to long to do things and hard to stay on Ark for countless Hours on one thing. So i ask the Dev team to please allow us to have fun in ARK with X2 with the hard times going on.
  12. We need small Tribe ORP servers plz
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