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  1. studio wildcard ark you are thieves ans liars after 1 week u did nothing u can only say send a ticket and after the ticket what u make ? u sell the game ? so solve the problem, to take the money from people are ok for u . u make mistake u repair what u have done last days ? nothing
  2. the best thing are to do are to delet the game and bye bye ARK, are not possible after 36 no one reply on email, ARK are cyber cheater take ur money and other are ur problems
  3. after 24h no one from GM ark staff ansfer back on ticket after 4400h on ark to lose all so for nothig are crazzy i canot andersten what a noob working for ARK
  4. i loose my char too lvl 105, and over 20 babys, the staff from ark all time with manutance make poopt
  5. I was taming a rex 150 on 441 and disconected from host
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