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  1. EU PVE RAGNA 397 offline How is it possible over 3-4 days ragnarok 397 offline ? and last 2 weeks that was only rollback 10-15 time pro day
  2. Official PVE . they were total 100-110 dino max in tribe . 3 adult giga 15 baby giga 2 mana 2 rock drake 2 owel 2 argys 8-10 velos and 17 rollrat i make claim 2 days before but we are 4-5 trine in one tribe . thats crazzy
  3. on tribe log are nothing i feeded a giga babys and other dino 3-4h ago and after i go back on and all dins disappeared
  4. disappeared all my dinos from my base what happened as possible that all the dino are gone the base is empty all baby giga gone ???
  5. it's not right that asian players to play on eu server primarily spamming the chat , second occuped all place thet is up for eu players . and are all cheaters . when u sell the game u dont say is full of asian players thats a bull poopt
  6. studio wildcard ark you are thieves ans liars after 1 week u did nothing u can only say send a ticket and after the ticket what u make ? u sell the game ? so solve the problem, to take the money from people are ok for u . u make mistake u repair what u have done last days ? nothing
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