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  1. HATCHED Rex Stats HP 30k Melee 931 I've got rex eggs hatching at 30k health and 931 melee. Are these good for boss fights? I am gearing up my rex army. Not sure yet what they'll be after imprinting.
  2. I just successfully raised my giga that I posted earlier about. I got 100% imprint on it and its final stats after reaching adult are 33k health and 655 melee. I guess that's an awesome melee??? Now I'll level up melee only?? Or what do you all recommend??
  3. So how do we know which multiplier is hit? In case eggs are incubating? If the multiplier goes from 1x to 8x so that we can be there to get the hatched dinos. Does food consumption stay at 1x?
  4. Also curious how long the multiplier lasts??
  5. Giga Hatch Stats I'm new to raising gigas so I'm not sure what good giga stats are. I just hatched a giga egg with 17k health and 505 melee. Is that low for a giga? I know levels aren't important but it hatched at lvl 146.
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