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  1. Grinder looking for a good tribe to work for I'm an older guy, and just like to farm resources all the time. Get me a grinding partner and you will be very happy with my output. I don't care about rank or becoming admin, I just want to be part of a chill group. I've been a part of a lot of bigger tribes and megalliances on xbox, and most of them turned uber toxic which turned me away. My steam name is noplex4life, add me/message me for any and all offers. Thank you.
  2. Platform: Steam Steam name: noplex4life I am a brand new ARK PC player, but have 1000+ hours on console. I am a full on grinder and that's about all I like to do. I don't care about rising up the ranks, I just want to fill vaults and tek storages. Give me a dedicated grinding partner and we will make it happen. I don't like to sit idle when I'm in game, which other tribes I've been in has had a problem with. I'm like a shark, if I'm not moving or working, I'm dying lol
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