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  1. i understand that there under the map. so isn't it possible to release a version that's a map extension for those of us who don't mind the extra lag here and there that i'm sure would come with it so this way at lease everyone who bought the DLC and make use of it with out paying expensive server bills every month for not one but 2 servers just to enjoy the DLC properly ? i really don't see what would be so difficult about doing that coding wise it seems pretty easy to convert a striped down or downsized version of the SE map if need be into a map extension if not the full map . i hope this eventually becomes a thing because other than the optimizations and such this should be something near the top of your to-do list to help make ARK the best it can be for everyone not just the more wealthy payers/serverowners
  2. I just wana say I love the game and the idea of scorched earth but why make it need 2 servers for private servers to make use of it why not make it so u can use the oblisiks similar to boss arenas but instead they warp you to the scorched earth with out needing artifacts to summon the portal and obviously having the oblisks on the scorched earth map players can summon the manticore boss and warp to and from the DLC Zone please look into re working the DLC to work this way 90% of us private server owners don't have the money to waist on another server just so we can make use of the DLC. Also where you began to give the spawn commands for the creatures it just says .TBD so is there another place we can get the commands from ? ive tried google and for once google has no answers lol
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