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  1. but what's the difference now? now you have to sit in base with your hundreds of gigas and other large tames that are about to drop hundreds of fertilized eggs at pretty much all times. I think that's way more of a chore.
  2. I do agree that the old system could have definitely used some sort of in game way to know what dino needs what kibble
  3. Yeah that's kind of my point though. Kibble is so incredibly easy now that what's the point of it. It's like a mechanic was removed essentially. Also many dinos now have no use whatsoever and are not tamed ata ll
  4. I thought the kibble rework was good at first but looking back I think the game actually lost a lot from removing the old system. I play PvP exclusively but having to go out and collect your PvE dinos was like a fun little side quest. Now I can't even remember the last time I used any kibble. The main reason I thought it would be good was for the lag reduction but I think the rework has actually made the lag worse. Now, instead of having hundreds of egg dinos in a large tribe they just have hundreds more spots for gigas and other large dinos that are even laggier. There also used to be kibble
  5. Same issue as of today. I think it's an issue on their end, I've tried everything
  6. Hate to break it to you but using a pelagornis to get into a spot is Meshing and dev wipable lol. You are not allowed to be in those spots. Using chairs, sleeping bags, tames, etc to get into a spot is all meshing.
  7. I would need to see to be sure but you can shoot fire arrows pretty far. If they were all on survivors only he could have thrown and Arthopluera in and whistled it to attack the generator where it was sticking out with a spyglass. Survivors only will shoot mounted players but won't shoot unmounted tames even if they attack your stuff.
  8. Having a similar issue as of this morning. Servers aren't showing negative for me but I can't join anything. Tried checking firewall, verifying, reinstalling with no luck. The beta thing wasn't my issue as well.
  9. Depends how much you want to limit yourself, it's easy to get gigas into that fight. Maybe you'll need a bit more but pretty much every boss can be cheesed in multiple ways and it's not that rewarding to not cheese them in my opinion because at the end of the day the PvE is just left clicking 90% of the time.
  10. In PvP you breed for mutations out of necessity to compete with others. In PvE you can breed for mutations if you find it enjoyable but there's not much challenge in the late game of PvE. You don't really need anything beyond 1st or 2nd generation to do everything.
  11. It's hard to say without seeing the base. Meshing is a possibility but not likely. You can't mesh through player structures, only the Mesh of the world. If I had to guess I would say you probably didn't place your generator correctly. If even a little piece of it is sticking through the wall someone can shoot it with fire arrow and break it.
  12. The integrity of Small Tribes is beyond saving at this point. Every single server has a discord with all the alliance tribes in it. Obviously there is no way for WC to monitor discord but there's no way small tribes can be enforced especially with many of the game mechanics like cryos. What's the point of even disabling the ability to unclaim dinos when its easier to give them a cryopod anyway lol. I've become friendly with some of these bigger alliances and they'll straight up tell you they own x,y,z, a, b, and c servers and their discords will have like 36+ people in them. In short, Small T
  13. Also clears swamp aids which is very nice
  14. I think that all used to be true but that fact of the matter these days is there is no way to make a base expensive to raid unless you live in one of the very few meta places (which will all be claimed by mega tribes) such as oil caves, ice caves, lunar caves, etc. Everything else is easy to raid and if you know what you're doing you very very likely do not even need to soak these days. Even if you have 8 wall thick honeycomb an artho is gonna eat through them in two minutes flat. A single tek stego can soak a 100 limit of heavies and be fine, let alone just ride up and shoot rockets, you can
  15. That used to be the case but these days in PvP it's so easy to raid that it's worth it to raid any base. Even if they just have fiber and hide, hey you got some of your c4 mats back and c4 is easy to make anyway.
  16. Even aside from cheaters, having half the community named 123, tribe of 123, with steam name 123 is just lame.
  17. I raid plenty and have adapted to the meta. I live out of upload with some manas and gigas etc. and troll plenty. However, I don't think that makes good gameplay overall, especially for newer players. I also agree that bases shouldn't be unraidable, my argument is that it is skewed way too far in the direction of no effort raiding. Bases were never unaidable but in the older metas you had to weigh the decision if it was worth it to raid some stone bobs. You could do it sure but is it worth the c4/effort/walking dinos over? Maybe let them get a littler bigger where they have more loot for you
  18. The current meta of raiding is way too easy. Raiding has been buffed tons of times, directly or indirectly, while building health and defenses has not improved significantly. I'll be listing all the changes I can think of below, feel free to add more if I missed any. Keep in mind all of these buffs came into play without the health/resistance of structures changing whatsoever from the Early Access. Raiding Buffs: Rate Increases: In many of the popular game modes the rates are about 15x what they used to be. Original 1x was doubled once and then doubled again last year so normal offic
  19. Big true, I think they're just too scared to make big changes that might upset the people who spent years breeding so they just let the game be busted.
  20. I think the main problem with gigas, and a lot of the other broken dinos like manas is just the breeding. If you look at arkpoc you don't really see manas and gigas in the same way because when you dont have 11k stam on your mana and 2.5k melee on your giga their weaknesses are more apparent. I don't think the situation can really be salvaged in Ark 1 unless WC is willing to completely kill all dinos or start a new cluster of servers with balanced breeding (I doubt that will happen). Hopefully in Ark 2 breeding will not be some limitless OP thing that ruins pvp. Only allowing a few generations
  21. Regardless of all the bickering going on here, the wiki is currently an unusable disaster. If they wanna put adds on it that's fine, not a big deal really, but the formatting of the text/maps/etc is just terrible now.
  22. If they turrets are inside the mesh they won't fire at you. If they are sticking out the best method would be to soak the two turrets (could prolly do it with a freshly tamed trike with a prim saddle) and then either blow the boat up with c4 or use an artho. Note you can't throw c4 directly onto the boat but since it's parked in a wall you just need to throw the c4 on the ground/wall next to the boat.
  23. Appreciate it but yeah, I play official pvp so most caves blocked and I usually just need a quick stone pick to grab some arrows or get a crystal wyvern but I end up with this whole ordeal lol.
  24. Hundreds have surely submitted tickets on this issue. It was tweeted they were looking into it a while ago and that you should kill yourself and spawn again to get the pickaxe engram back but that doesn't work. I usually have to kill myself 10+ times relog and kill myself some more for it to come back. Anyone find a different workaround?
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