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  1. Even with the one ability disabled the main left click ability does damage to structures much further than high turret range. They are also incredibly easy to tame so get ready for all the old maps to be flooded with them
  2. That argument could be made for all of PvE unfortunately. Once you make a stone hut with wood spike walls you're practically invincible. There's lots of reasons though, look at Legacy Primitive servers. They were quite popular when the only thing they did was cut out explosives and electronics and add nothing. This was replaced by an even better system primitive plus which was considered by many in pvp and pve to be the most fun than the game has been when the servers were new and worked but unfortunately primitive plus was left behind, probably because it's too hard to maintain essentially 2
  3. Probably not but would make the game better and likely be less of a headache for developers
  4. This is the best news I could ever hear about Ark 2
  5. Needlessly splits the community, Ark PvP was significantly better back in the day when PvE players could flourish as well. Current meta does not allow that at all as they will be completely destroyed in two seconds. Many things would need to change to accommodate this like a better form of ORP, possible raid times like in conan, less threat of losing absolutely everything, possibly PvE/safe araes of the map, etc. Even as a exclusively PvP player it's fun to just do some PvE stuff sometimes but I don't think the game works very well with the community split.
  6. The game is primarily a PvP game and separating balance is too much work. Also all those things you mentioned were absolutely broken in PvP AND PvE. How does getting the best BPs in the game from a little fish in the pond over a huge dungeon like on ragnarok make sense even from a PvE perspective? Same with Gacha, sitting in your base with a snow owl and gacha, both incredibly easy to tame=best loot in game?? makes absolutely no sense in PvE too. Manas and gigas are still ridiculously broken. You can get around entire map on a mana faster than ever on a mana by far, get around 2k melee, 10 sta
  7. I mean if you prefer to play a game with cheat modes on and on easy mode that's fine. That can be done in singleplayer and thats pretty much what tek is. Look at the new map, no challenge at all because of tek suit alone. Doesn't make for a balanced or good game overall.
  8. High melee level theris with the right harvesting (forget which one it is) are definitely the best source of hide in the game. On small tribes rates they can get slot cap of hide every 30 min or so. Maybe faster. A lot of things give good hide, any of the big dinos, snakes give more than they seem, also jerboas for some reason, phiomia give a lot, parasaur pretty good.
  9. Sadly not likely to be addressed until at least after the weekend and even then there's a lot of balancing on Gen 2 that needs to take place
  10. People say it's based on level but I think that's a Myth. I can play arkpoc and be low level and aggressive dinos will still run away all the time before any damage is dealt
  11. I've noticed this as well and it happens way too often. I have a hard time believing it's a feature
  12. Tek is trash, Most of the original community has quit because of it and they'll likely come backl
  13. just take it off forehead while 150 other people in the server are in a free tek suit punching down bases and zooming around to resources while you're stuck on the ground. Great argument
  14. Ruins entire experience. So boring
  15. for me a while back i had to signout of steam then sign back in. Steam had an update that wouldnt install for some reason and that fixed it for me
  16. I doubt making a ticket would do anything, Sometimes when you get off a flyer they keep walking forward. Check in a straight line forward of where you were and watch for that when you dismount in the future.
  17. Once per 24 hours. Can get them easily from Wave Ray mission on Gen if you aren't set up.
  18. You can do it on official servers (which are significantly harder than any singleplayer difficulty) with 2-3 Velos with around 3k melee and 2 turtles with 150k hp. Tek stegos even better. All mate boosted. Don't play singleplayer much but should be able to use that combo of dinos with lower stats
  19. Ark 2 is needed because WC is too scared to upset current players in regards to many things that need to be changed even though they would be better for the game. For examples, breeding and mutations are incredibly broken but WC doesn't want to wipe official peoples dinos that grinded to get their broken stats because people will cry. Hopefully Ark 2 will be more balanced at minimum.
  20. I'm not talking about people using large dinos for egg farm, I'm talking about people having way more space because they dont need the small dinos for eggs so they can breed hundreds of large dinos for mutations which lags the server. So the kibble rework got rid of a bunch of small dinos that lagged the server but they were replaced by large dinos that lag the server more.
  21. My ticket was closed out with a message saying they'll let the server people know and gave me a link to report a specific server outage form. Not much but hopefully they are working on it. Day 3 of not being able to get on at all with Gen 2 coming out soon MonkaS
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