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  1. Best I could recommend is not to play on Asia clusters. They crash and go down on wildcards end all the time and you are very susceptible to losing your character that way. Also on the player end duping and intentionally crashing the server is super rampant.
  2. Look into the Xbox family sharing I think it's called. Basically you can link one Xbox account to another and anything you buy on one is available to another. Your wife would need to make her own account and may need Xbox gold as well, but I can't remember. Look up a YouTube video on it causes it's kinda confusing. Also, I know it works with purchased games but I'm not sure about for game pass games.
  3. Unfortunately spam is a mechanic of ark 1. Hope for different mechanics in Ark 2.
  4. For some reason that's only a thing on console. You can use battlemetrics website to see how many people are currently on from steam. Epic game users don't show up on battlemetrics or the in game server list though. So if a server say 54/70 but it's full it means there are 16 epic games players on as well.
  5. The point is bad will is festering which is a threat to ark 2 sales. One very easy fix is more transparency in enforcement. No one has demonstrated a good argument on why they shouldn't be more transparent with reports like their peers. Some other transparency related issues is that they probably don't have nearly enough enforcement employees. I don't know how many they have but I have submitted a lot of tickets and there's only 4 GMs that respond. Maybe there's more than that but whatever they have is clearly not enough.
  6. Ya could be an issue, we'll see, if they are moving to more melee based combat to not have to worry about aimbot as much it might actually work well for pvp lol
  7. Hell, a lot of other games give you confirmation on reports for toxic chat, let alone cheating. Ark literally doesn't even have a chat filter and people spam the worst words, that I'm sure you can imagine, and have them as part of the characters name, and don't get banned from reporting.
  8. Yes now, and Ark used to have a mostly PvP player base. Most of whom have quit and would be interested to come back if the issues were fixed. The reporting system being a huge issue.
  9. Rust, the most similar type of game to ark, literally has a twitter where they post all player profiles who get banned, Overwatch, WoW, and other blizzard games tell you if they took enforcement action based on your report, Fortnite sends you a thank you message if they ban someone based on your report, etc.
  10. Majority is pve now, with a huge portion still being pvp. If the pvp completely flops in Ark 2 it will be bad for the game and I think pvp players are not going to put up with as much this time around. The potential pvp is much larger but most non cheaters are done with ark 1 at this point, on PC at least, console pvp is actually still pretty good. Look at the top 10 games on steam, they are all pvp or have a huge aspect of pvp to them.
  11. If you don't believe there's massive bad will in the pvp community and that transparency is a big part of that then I'm not going to argue with you. I think it's plainly obvious to those that play pvp and huge threat to ark 2.
  12. I mean that's one of the big reasons wildcard has so much bad will. In the end it's up to them if they don't want to address easy to fix issues in the community. The game has the worst transparency in regards to enforcement relative to all their peers. I'm not sure how this is something worth defending?
  13. If it was just speed hacked players it wouldn't be that bad, it's pts, wyverns, etc. Stuff that can't be leveled in speed. It's very obvious. Also stegos are very popular speed hack candidates to run to a back of a cave nearly invincible.
  14. It also builds good will (something wildcard desperately needs) it's hard to argue with someone who says wildcard does nothing when all you can show them is exploit fixed. Would be a lot better if you could be like here look, they've fixed 12 methods of God mode hack.
  15. It's much worse than it's ever been before. A snail games employee leaked the source code of the game and since then the cheaters can do crazy stuff. They are currently using speedhack, orientation hacks, desync hacks where you are frozen in place but they are not, they are body soaking turrets with this desync stuff cause the turrets still shoot them even though server side they are not actually there. It's never been even as close to as bad as this.
  16. I agree with most of this, I don't think they should give the specific details on exactly what you had to do for an exploit. Saying a method is fixed is not providing valuable information to cheaters though. Either way they are going to know if it's fixed or not. Even in theory you're saving them at most a couple minutes while keeping non cheaters in the dark. After a patch they are obviously just going to check if their exploit is still working or not.
  17. To people playing the game in a fair way it is 100% in their benefit to know when things like this are fixed. What info are you giving cheaters that is valuable? Everytime there's a patch they will test to see if their exploit is still working or not. If it's not,and not been announced then they are the only ones who know it is fixed. So normal players live in obscurity whether or not they have to worry about things that may or may not be fixed.
  18. But that doesn't really make sense if you think about it. They are the ones cheating. They are going to know as soon as it doesn't work again. It doesn't matter if the patch says it or not as soon as they go to do the exploit it won't work and they will know before anybody else.
  19. ya speed hack def still in and rampant haha. All beginner servers have speedhackers right now going to all yellow drops instantly. No way to report them either because you can't spyglass them before they are out of render.
  20. because if there's a god hack for example and a patch note comes out saying "exploit fixed" I know nothing. Did they fix some tiny rat hole or mesh hole or something? did they fix the god mode? could be anything. The games not worth playing with a god mode hack still in. If it says "god mode fixed" then I know okay that stuff is gone. I never said it would prevent cheating. It's helpful for the non cheaters to know when those specific issues are fixed.
  21. consider yourself lucky, it's just a cheating mess these days
  22. Stop saying "exploit fixed" just say what the exploit was. You are not preventing cheaters by doing this. Speed hacking is so bad right now I know many people who are leaving because of it. When it's fixed, if it even ever gets fixed, "exploit fixed" will not be enough to get people to come back. Just say you fixed speed hacking or whatever the issue was. Also "fixed a recent duping method" or something of this nature doesn't give any information or lead to more instances of cheating in the future. It's just silly. Say when you take enforcement action. Many other games do this, there's no reason it needs to be a secret. Just send a message like other games saying "thanks for your report, we took enforcement action based on your ticket." Only reason not to do this is because enforcement doesn't act when they should, which is a huge issue with transparency and also creates a lot of conspiracy theories in the community.
  23. I think there's definitely room for a game like you are describing but I don't think Ark should go that direction. "realistic" looking dinos is a HUGE part of the game and so is being sneaky/hidden in pvp. These things work a lot better in a realistic looking environment.
  24. Yeah I used to love the ORP cluster but once you start paying attention you'll notice that nearly EVERY cave is ORP abused with an alt account gate blocking it. I've reported many but it seems enforcement doesn't act because I don't include the tribe that's living inside the cave. How are you supposed to know who lives behind an ORP gate though lol. Also cave building in the main game is already OP and on ORP there's no chance the big tribes are ever getting close to wiped before they just log off. I hope they go with raid times for Ark 2 as they aren't perfect, but they are a lot better and they can't be abused so much.
  25. I wouldn't expect the pvp experience to be the same either. They haven't detailed it yet but I'd be very surprised if there were autos/heavies and soaking again. No one soaks most of the time as it is, most bases, even huge tek bases, can just be cheesed by rocket runs and such.
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