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  1. Kill some of the dino's in the surrounding area, and re-render the area to trigger the respawns, as they may not have auto spawned after the patch.
  2. You will find stalkers hanging from Below branches, or the small floating connecting islands, about 60% towards sky barrier in this location.
  3. This is a result of the Volcano fireballs, from eruption, sometimes depending on how fast you render, you may not even see them flying, but can still be killed by them, standing on the east side of volcano seems to be unaffected, but anywhere else can be targeted, including the oil / water puddles. It does approx 7,000 damage reduced by armor / saddles, but will 1 shot any player if taking a direct hit.
  4. Its not a Stealth nerf, its just a generic tone back on All mission loot rewards, so they drop less of the High end tiers, and more med / low crafted
  5. This is from the Bog mission "bog rally" which is a Kapro race around a small track, you get control of a level 600 Kapro, with boosted stats, however you can go off course abit, as long as your within the time limit.
  6. You need to be a Streamer, or popular youtuber, or you get automated replies to tickets.
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