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  1. You can get refunded 1 dino the first time you accidentally bring vanilla dino to an eternal map or vise versa if they get corrupted.
  2. Vanilla dinos can only go to vanilla servers in the cluster or animals get corrupted vise versa.
  3. Even though it is possible for tamed dinos (depending the breed of animal and the server to reaching up 49mil+) there are still bosses on eternal that even with that kind of melee you still need to breed in order to beat some of the bosses as they will still whoop your dino even if they have 1bil health and over 49mil damage. So there is still plenty of reasons to breed dinos.
  4. We still have active admin and you always have the ability to get a hold of the top server owner through personal message if you need help with something.
  5. We are getting more and more people everyday it seems.
  6. Today we just made the Island normal and the Normal Rag health boosted it is possible to get 400k health.
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