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  1. July 31. Singleplayer. Haven’t seen anything other than obsidian and metal out in space…
  2. 1Sonder

    True Dragon

    The guidelines say no fantasy creature suggestions, though I did want to quickly just add my thoughts for a true dragon. While in the air it glides like a rock drake, only flapping when you tap the jump button, but flapping uses a decent amount of stam. left click=bite hold rmb=heating up fire hold lmb while hold rmb=fire breath stream, more range than fire wyvern depending on charge level might have same range as lightning wyvern. This would use oxygen. space bar=jump space bar while in air=flap c=roar emote, because cool roar showcase
  3. Pliosaurus Funkei Big brother to Liopluerodon some form of speed burst due to these being quick predators and maybe the ability to grab other creatures? http://www.prehistoric-wildlife.com/images/species/p/pliosaurus-size.jpg Maybe make it look more lie this: http://images.dinosaurpictures.org/Pliosaurus_kevani_0d52.jpg
  4. Rhizodus The arapaima's bigger and scarier prehistoric brother. fresh water dweller. Gnashing bite as primary. sense arapaima are known to leap out of the water and batter things with their armored head, perhaps this can leap out of the water performing stunning strikes on creatures near the water edge? If the target is under a certain size it can lungfish-style scoot back into the water, dragging its prey with it? This would give it limited dry-land survival like the stingray.
  5. Fasolasuchus Tenax- the biggest archosaur, nearly as long as a T. Rex! Running- Bipedal Walking- Quadrupedal Territory- Amphibious Armored spine- has a row of osteoderms running down its spine While running its primary attack could be a stunning chomp, secondary could be a tail swipe. I think it would be cool if this had two saddle types, a smithy one that let it operate as usual, and a fabricated one. The fabricated saddle would have tank style turrets on either side that would consume rockets and be operated by individual players while a driver would sit on
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