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  1. Colaking88

    Ragnarok Boss Manticore

    Good MC or ASC simple pistols. Lots of ammo and ur all set. But don’t kill it with guns or any other weapon. U need to get killing blow with a Dino or you don’t get ele. Not sure if it’s a bug or meant to be that way but I repeate DONT KILL WITH WEAPONS ONLY WITH A DINO. Just work him down to a good bit then wait for landing to move in. Like sty008 said wait for it to land and start it’s tail swing then whistle rexes to attack and move in. Good luck!
  2. Colaking88

    Wild giga post tame dmg

    Do you find kibble helps? I normally do mutton unless its got a good knock out dmg already and even then have had 230’s drop to 180?
  3. Colaking88

    Wild giga post tame dmg

    Hello all new to forums not new to ark. I was just curious as someone who has tamed a fair share of gigas, what’s the best post tame dmg roll y’all have gotten? Mines 240 and can’t seem to figure out cause their strange post tame rolls what’s the highest some of y’all have seen. Again post tame stats only not askin for bred op numbers 😀