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  1. A few things So I like breeding and mutating everything and I play on xbox. Firstly, the color command for dark dino purple aka color code #31 has been broken since last Christmas. I have mentioned it in tweets to @survivetheark at least twice now simply because it seems like you guys don't give a damn about bugs reported in this forum. Secondly, the ferox is still not tameable with element and it won't transform. Finally, the color region code #1 is also broken which I assume is a new issue since it was okay before genesis came out.
  2. Kinda upset with Valguero, I waited sooo long to play this map because my husband was deployed when it came out and I wanted to play it with him. Anyway when I finally did play it I was careful about the amount of tames I had and how big I built because I have been wiped on Rag and The Center. Only I got wiped on Val anyway, so I tried again in less than a week only to get wiped again (on single player, servers are poison) then there is the fact that I wasn't able to bring my chalk golem and ice golem over to my island map. So basically all that map is good for is collecting eggs that I have to hatch on a more reliable map. Just some annoyances, doubtful anything will be fixed.
  3. Why is this STILL an issue?!? I am literally running around aberration getting notes so I have tendacy to leave my rock drake behind and lose it. While I am playing it's fine but when I saveworld and exit the game it should freaking save the node. Every time I go back on it's gone and I'm not carrying spare nodes to replace it since my only concern is getting the notes. So I either have to go back to my base after finding the damn rock drake and get a new one or go into creative mode which opens all engrams until I totally exit the game. Yesterday I didn't know about this issue I spent an hour and a half flying around in creative mode trying to find my rock drake in the pink zone.
  4. I just started rag last week successfully transferred a year worth of mutations from my glitching island map to rag. It glitched so bad it was dupping my mutations during the transfer. After the the transfer I deleted the island map so EVERYTHING was on rag. Today it's gone, my mutations, my builds and my new games. Why in the hell does this happen? This game is out on shelves now and is so glitchy that I was forced to change maps because I couldn't even travel without getting kicked. By the way i play on xbox before any one feels the need to give the run down on proper ways to run a computer. I love this game so much I've been playing it since before Spinos were a thing before the gigas. When it first came out as a beta game. I've been through all the updates and I can say first hand that every update has given me trouble but this is unacceptable. Everything I lost this morning was fully mutated aside from the ones I hadn't even started to mutate yet.
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