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  1. With that message back from wildcard it’s more ment to be like: see for ypurself what you do as revenge we do nothing to it..
  2. Ark defo is the best in my opinion i played over 3k hours and still play it never had a game i played for that long!
  3. Or just kite it into the lava with a vulture! ^^
  4. A rocket launcher aimed at its head works also!
  5. Well my tribe actually did make a ticket to wildcard with evidence and proof! Many other tribes did too but nothing happens.. so idk what to do against them..
  6. We had this too on extinction a corrupted giga killed our base and all our tames.. by chinese who are on eu server.. a shame if you ask me..
  7. We did the alpha dragon with 15/16 rexes and 4/5 theri and was quite easy tbh and offcourse with around 7 people with 250% dmg weapons and around 400/500 ammo with 2 weapons each (favricated) and good armour health potions etc..
  8. yes it does fit even a baby giga fits through!
  9. My favorite ark creature is by far the giganotosaurus! I totally love it cuz its so big and sloppy!???
  10. Well we did it with around 7-8 people all with 2 fab guns with 250% damage and with very good armour and 4 bottle of water and 1 stack health potions each! And we used the tactic with 15 rexes and 5 theri and it worked well!
  11. Hey there! I wish you best of luck around here!??
  12. if i knew this earlier we did for like 1 month ago hard dragon and medium overseer... however i can message you what is needed and the strategy?
  13. looking forward to this! finally i can imprint and feed my baby's fast if i have a break at work!
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