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  1. Lol this is wierd. I have maximum survivors in upload. But there is 0 to download
  2. I know they are "working on it". But in this case, they need to open the customer support, bcs this is a account thing and not a global patch thing. And ofc they need to figure out what cuased the save thing to be corrupt.
  3. Only 1, and my main got lost in transfering between our tribes servers. and i dident have a slotcap on me, just a normal kit. I did play with VPN tho, but that has never been a problem. and its Nord VPN so its fast as f.
  4. If you type whoami in the consol it will give u a code/number that connected to your steam acc. they only need find that folder and fix it.
  5. 1x and it worked before the second patch after the transfer patch.. then it fd up. the new acc works fine. But its connected to your steam acc. and the file that it saves to when you transfer is corrupt. so u will never be able to have a char in upload untill they fix or move ur cloud file. So thay can patch all they want
  6. Bought the game on a diffrent steam acc and everything works fine there. its the upload save file that is corrupt.
  7. Still dosent work, tried to upload a char and go to another server and download. It got insta delited! I gues the server tried to restore it and failed.... they gotta fix thier files so its not corrupted anymore.
  8. I mean, at this point it dosent matter, it has been 3x or 2x since transfer came. u get level 100 in 10 min and u get alpha dragin with in 30 min. The transfer still works 1 out of 10 times.
  9. Ive lost a 135 char, 107, 101, 103, 72. After i lost my main, ive lost e ert new char ive made. Someone said that my cloud is reptared and that I need to buy/make a new account to play the game. I cant even do ascension. Bcs the char Will get delited when u ascend. 🤘🤘🤘🤘👍👍👍
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