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  1. Ahh so both GMs i got weren't helpful... wish I had known this back before they boosted all servers.
  2. Not for me they didn't. I've lost tons of chars. After the second I just gave up asking cause they dont do anything about it. They just respond with "We have reviewed your ticket blah blah blah and unfortunantly in this circumstance we won't do anything. No exp or nothing.
  3. DILO you guys get your charchters back?! I reported multiple times lost charchters at max level and each time they say they can't do anything to restore it...
  4. Tempted to download Ark for my pc again to play classic pvp servers. I play the game on xbox cause I can't afford a gaming rig but I can run it on the lowest setting on my laptop at a whole 30fps! It would def be a downgrade for graphics and performance but it would be more intresting than the stale meta of smalltribes, official, arkpocoplyse and unofficial on xbox.
  5. I think the problem is you can't go on a server and get a decent start being solo or duo. Alphas and Megas have too much time and are to big. I for one would love a "fresh" start as that is when the game is the best. When everyone is new and at equal footing. Arkpocoplyse servers fillls this niche where you can get a fresh start, however after the 30 days the server deletes and you lose everything. It would be nice if you could transfer your charchter, dinos, and items to an official server from Arkpocoplyse servers. It would at least allow you to contine working towards the progress you gained, even though you'll probally get wiped once you've transfered to another server.
  6. Duo Servers (2 person tribe limit)
  7. On Rag near the squids is where the lieplorodon spawns. Find it and lure it to the entrance of viking bay. Than tame and swim into viking bay closest side to icecave flier entrance. Have griff ready and with buff go into icecave where deathworms are. You'll be able to do the whole cave not including queen before the buff runs out. Ussually 1-2 ascedant BPs with insane stats like 800 dura armour BPs, 300% weapon BPs, (even apprentince and jman are insane for their level) and 120 armour saddle BPs,. While you wait for the loot crates to respawn you can get buff and do queen as another run if you are fast enough, get buff and look for drops, get buff and and try to fly to desert to get crates there (although I can only get 3 crates max) Legit best official server BP and loot I have ever seen from lieplurodon buff farming crates this way.
  8. Also to clarify. I say I ocean border ceiling because it's the least likely place people fly to but if Ur not near elavated like mountains, land ceiling height could be good too. Ur more likely someone is gonna find cause there's no reason to be flying at ceiling height ocean border unless someone is specifically looking for this hide spot. Also the best spot imo is ceiling height, not at border but 1/2 in ocean adjacent to land that has low traffic and elevation.. some people will fly to border and check ceiling but if it's midway those people won't find Ur Dino unless they either check the entire ocean ceiling height And with that passive flee tracking beacon.. I have never found the need to do this because if anyone does find the Argy most of the time they wouldn't be able to access the loot if they did take the time to kill it and it was on just passive. But passive flee does run the risk for a smarter player leading it to where land and than being able to access loot but at the same time could deter a griefy player from taking the time chasing and killing it... Also for people checking ceiling height out in the ocean a Griffin or high stam wyvern is best, than a stam ptera... U don't have to go back to dry land just fly the Dino to the edge of the water, jump off have a little swim and it will regain stam, than U jump back on.
  9. Playing Solo and being alpha is possible. Being offlineable and almost unraidable. I've had a solo base for 3 months and no-one can breach. There are a lot of good tips I can give you, much better than what is being posted. Private message me if you want actual good tips on how. Here's on for everyone, it's pretty common and alot of people know about it but most people can't be bothered checking. Store an argentavis at the border of the map, Out in the ocean and high up to th ceiling. Make sure you do it in a low traffic spot on the map. Heck U can also even do this at the ceiling in sky... I had 30 wyverns flying right above my base at ceiling for 4 months. Got raided tons of times but no-one ever flew to the ceiling... But it's safer to do somewhere out in the ocean cause people barely ever fly high there. Keep a bird to retrieve it stuff hidden, or since it on smallteibe just take a low level ptera to retrieve, takes like 20 minutes on raw meat on small... Don't have boats nearby Ur ceilings hieght Argy. Use map marker instead... Move them around ever month or so. Put tracking beacon on Argy and set to passive flee... I've been doing this for years and I think once I've had someone find and kill my Argy but overall a great spot to hide Ur stuff
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