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  1. The two bats I had out before the event ended both disappeared. Both gave a message in tribe log saying they were destroyed for being an "Invalid Tame". I'm guessing that's what happened to every bat, spider and centipede that wasn't in a cryopod.
  2. Update: I just checked my fridge and I have been able to uncryo all my bats and spiders. So I guess they fixed something at least in regards to cryoed creepy crawlies
  3. Spent days during the Fear Evolved taming colored bats and spider and now none of them will uncryo and several have disappeared. Anyone else having this issue? Anyone know if it's intentional or if it's going to be fixed?
  4. Tamlin

    Baby Gacha Food?

    When I said starving to death in front of me, I mean I was feeding it like a normal baby, I didn't know they could pick stuff up at the time. It would eat the berries almost instantly and gain no food. I gave it stone and it would wait to eat until it had been on 0 food for a long time, I even tried force feeding it tons of berries and it barely did anything.
  5. Tamlin

    Baby Gacha Food?

    I haven't bred more babies since the first batch, but berries was the first thing I fed them. 5 majoberries gave them maybe 1 point of food. When they actually ate them they ate every berry almost instantly and even when I force fed them the berries, their food dropped so fast it did nothing.
  6. Tamlin

    Baby Gacha Food?

    Didn't have time to try that, but I will next time. Ty.
  7. Does anyone know what to feed baby gacha? I tried berries and stone, but they starved to death right in front of me.
  8. Today, I messed up so bad it isn't even funny. Someone did a trade with me yesterday which included a baby gacha. I was supposed to cryo the gacha and bring it over and was given a loaner cryopod to do so. All three babies were starving to death and I was freaking out, I grabbed the cryopod, cryoed the one I was going to trade and went to put it in a dino inventory so I didn't lose it I put it in the wrong inventory and the adult gacha ate the cryopod The LOANER cryopod with the TRADE inside.
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