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  1. I would LOVE to see Primitive+ integrated into the base game. After playing P+, the base game seems so... basic. For years, I've expected more to be added, but it's remained just bare bones stuff. Not everything needs a purpose. The taxidermy stands don't really serve an active purpose, but it adds so much to a room. Building is a huge draw, but when I'm done, there's nothing to put in it! The weapons rack, the other lighting options, the tanning rack... All these little things add so much more to the game. I don't, however, want to see the two merged so there's no longer the primitive only option. There's something so wonderful and so simple about a setting with no tek or technology. I play both.
  2. I REALLY hope the Tek Dinos don't stick around on the already existing maps once Extinction is released.
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