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  1. We need to address the Triangle button on PS4 (not sure on the XBox equivalent) If im trying to pick up some fibre/berries i then accidentally throw my shoulder pet or i cant throw out my shoulder pet because the game thinks im trying to access an inventory or get to the settings on a floor. The button has way to many uses. If we could map the buttons or at least toggle what the button does. Its so frustrating!
  2. I was disappointed that i couldn't cover a tribe mate in webs which would have been loads of fun but it makes sense so you dont hit them in combat by accident. What would be really cool is if you could fire web whilst being carried by a wyv that would be a great way to tame dino's or slow down enemy tames.
  3. CHevey0

    tlc TLC ideas!

    YES this!!! ive literally just written a suggestion with those things in it!
  4. Araneo needs some TLC I like the Araneo its lots of fun, easy to tame and is kind of useful but not really. However I think it needs some TLC. Its web ability is great and really its only redeeming feature. It would make more sense if it could climb on walls as it is a spider. Perhaps losing stamina if a player is on its back. Another suggestion is a "grappling hook style" web attack. It fires a line of web that if it attaches to a wall the Araneo can use that to rappel up and down. But if it hits a small tame or a player then they could be dragged back to the Areneo. It would be so much fun waiting in ambush up on a ceiling ready to web an enemy player or tame you wish to passive tame. Probably a bit over kill but once you have fired a web line you could attach it to the surface the Araneo is on and have a temporary zip line. Or if you have captured a player or dino you could attach them to a surface and leave them as bait or so you can passive tame the creature.
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