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  1. Valg 558 - Constant Battle eye disconnect errors Noticed the last 2 days after a few minutes i get a battleeye not responding and get disconnected. Is there some way i can fix this?
  2. i noticed oc server was running 301.2 instead of 301.1 like other servers
  3. Oh they said something, just recently... https://twitter.com/bubblywums/status/1096487623055560706
  4. Way to Behave like Activision and Bungee , Promise one thing and then change it. Some of us work during the week and were looking forward to taming the Valentine dinos on the Weekend. Rip Wildcard. Leave a foul taste in our mouth its not the chocolate....
  5. I am having this issue is it a upload issue ? the image upload to the server is crashing
  6. at this point ark devs made a mistake and no communication 1 hour later , isnt helping anyones fears, i had baby that needed feeding and the server went down before i could give it food i had for it. so if they roll back i am safe, otherwise rip babys + my ext transfer items.
  7. Winterwonderland still on the launcher screen when you open ARK. will that be updated when the next patch comes out?
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