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  1. All mega tribes just living in caves is the problem. It reduced the pvp there to "raid the 1-Tower outside tp". We mostly just build "poverty tp's". Sometimes its just a foundation, a tp and a tek gen box, coz its not worth it, to build more outside of caves. And if you prefer to play alone, then this was your personal choice in a multiplayer game, which is designed to make it attractive to get into a tribe. And on small tribes you can play without bigger tribes. And crying, that you can't defend alone your landbase versus an army is so stupid. It is a multiplayer game. The more people you have, the more powerfull you are. You want to be alone, then don't complain, that you are not powerfull and accept, that more powerfull enemies should and will win.
  2. Building outside of caves must get more attractive. I think, my ideas could help with that. Limit Titans and Meks to Extinction Reduce costs for c4 Increase damage to structures made by arthroplueras Add Option "auto attack nearby structures" to arthroplueras Remove arthropluera saddle Reduce costs for advanced rifle ammo Add new turret, that can only damage structures (hatchframe quetz) Make Plattform-Saddle riders unhittable from Weapons/Tools and Bullets Remove element costs for Tek Forcefield and make it requiring energy from tek generator When server is slotcapped, activate visible timer "auto-kick after 360 minutes". Disable timer, after population went down to under 20 With those changes, it would get more attractive to get out of the cave, since living there can be very annoying (griefers destroying outside tp's). After that, you could start forcing tribes to get out of the cave. It must be announced 4 or more weeks before. Add structure limitation to caves, so its still possbile to build there, but not a full mainbase
  3. I was using TEK. Maybe thats the difference
  4. 1. I think when the S+ is coming to official release, they will be implemented into console versions too. 2. Dilos for example are a good threat for low level characters. So they are not useless. And atleast the new kibble will reduce kibble dinos which will reduce server load!
  5. I am so happy they decided to make beta branch. They changed their way. Let's appreciate that.
  6. When you snap several storage boxes together, but placed on foundation, every storage boxes gets demolished, when u demolish the "base" storage box. For triangle Foundations there is a "Stacking" Snap-Point. But it does not work (see screenshot)
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