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  1. Waffles what did you not understand? I can not write a ticket....when i try at the page you posted?
  2. Help needed fast! Hey, i cant write a ticket because i got everytime i got a loop too this site! Need help from GM from Wildcard! Please dont post something that belongs too my post! THX
  3. I dont need help from u .... i want help from ark or wildcare and dont answer it if you not agree with my post thx
  4. Submit a Request & Kickout Hey Crew, would have too make a big thx, that ark is impossible too fix their bugs on PS4 and you dont cant submit a Ticket! Everyday i got problems with kiters, disconnects and more.... and what do the Support of Ark? NOTHING!!! Does any1 knows how i can contact Ark without submit a Ticket? Or do they even only suck our money? Best Regards
  5. Submit a Request Hey, everytime i try too submit i got a loop to this page incase of the support page...can please a gm send me a pm!
  6. Dumb Game because it happend also 2 me....and U cannot even send a Ticket....
  7. This Game is a piece of crab.....No Support online ....and i can not Play since 2 days
  8. Bad ass game since day 1 .... Valguero1109 down the whole day.... shi**** game!
  9. Lost Connection Good Morning, this morning i try too start the Game but everytime i trying too login too me server, it says its lost the connection too server ....what can i do ? Playing on PS4 Valguero1109
  10. Lycan ... i dont pillar a foreign base my base is everytime pillard from a tribe who is only 1 time in month online ...what should that make any sense? And Rosati ... i didnt cant sign me in or submit a request because everytime i got directly go too this page!
  11. Just try it ...but wont work poop game....
  12. Hey Genius45, u wanna kidding me? :....if i try too submit the page you rate me i got redirect too this site..so i cant write a request...and the others ...please dont write me if you can not help me with my problem thank you!
  13. So i cannot write a submit ticket ....everytime i want too try i get on this site...so i dont know where i can write a ticket here!
  14. Submit a Request Hey Ark ! I dont can submit a request....what can i do too get a gm for troubleshooting? Got no reply on my Emails! Need help....would be really nice! Greetz
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