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  1. ARK game size If you go around adding up all the required storage space on all 6 DLCs and the base game, you get a total of 136GB. It's 190GB on my disk and I'm confused why this is. I have no workshop content installed or primitive plus.
  2. Remove the ability to place anything such as chairs, tables etc. On platform saddles.
  3. When a mutation occurs the dinos will get 2+ points into which ever stat the mutation went into. You will also get a colour change in the dinos appearance, it can almost be any colour the mutation so if it doesnt look like a colour changed the mutation might have been the same colour as what you had. Having a green theri is possible.
  4. There is no way to increase your chances of mutations its just with luck, I recommend gathering a large amount of eggs and hatching them all at once. This wont increase your chances but you will get at least 1 mutation out of 50 eggs. When i dino is in baby faze you must hand feed it untill juvenile, when a dino reaches juvi it can eat out of a trough whic means you dont have to sit there. There isnt a difference between adolescent and juvenile. I recommend watching a youtube video on how to breed dinos properly without mutations.
  5. Its just one of those annoying things that without a doubt wont change.
  6. I feel like more dinos need a TLC patch like eh... dodos?
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