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  1. I agree about lazy rexing, but Disagree in regards to viablility vs bosses. Gamma bosses are a joke, Beta aint much better. If its not viable vs alpha bosses its not viable. That being said there are several different species that are or could be viable but theres also a great many that would only be viable after a ridiculous amount of breeding and mutating. and possibly even then still not be a legitimate boss fighter
  2. Took it out with 8 gighunter allos and a few allies on wyverns. Switch out some of those wyverns with guys on gigas and Wouldve been even easier
  3. You can absolutely beat bosses with Allos. Ive been doing it since I bred the original 6.5k 419s on PS4 PVE. Slightly newer stats wipe out alpha monkey in no time and my top stats now can solo a wild giga with alpha buff. Alpha Monkey https://youtu.be/_HCkHjye6pA 1 Alpha Allo vs Wild gig https://youtu.be/WyOqi2KRZcM
  4. They can but their HP is trash. Maybe if you take a pack in but then theres no point as allos will still do the same dmg but with 30% more HP and pack buffs on the alpha. Not to mention current top stat allos are light years ahead of carnos at least on Official
  5. esdren

    Buff Allos

    if you are stupid enough to charge a base with allos leading the column then yeah, you are just poop at pvp. You are saying allos are poop because the betas arent as strong as the alphas.....think about that for a sec. And again, your argument about being able to pick up allos to seperate them fron the pack......read the previous sentence. And no I can tame rexes just fine. I started running allos because they were easy to raise and had an incredibly forgiving imprint timer, as with my schedule spending 4 days every 8 hours to print a rex was not feasible.
  6. esdren

    Buff Allos

    No the stats dont change switching between PVE and PVP. Allos will always have a higher HP pool than carnos, will always get alpha bonus' in a pack. I know of several people who use them successfully in base defense for their ability to bleed out soakers and being incredibly easy breed and replace
  7. esdren

    Buff Allos

    You realise allos have higher hp gain per point...plus lethal alpha bonuses right? Dunno I'd love knockback reduced and a functionality to the roar....but as is my allos can handle anything I throw then at
  8. Ran strong not long ago with a trio of my top end boss allos. Gotta be careful of purlovia mounds but once you get the hand of baiting them it's pretty easy. Freezing water isnt much of a concern when you have 30k hp and a max saddle
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