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  1. going to need more info. like what tribe you are in. how many active members you have. and the game mode. and what platform you play on
  2. a skin for the spino it need cosmetic love skeletal tek zombie i dont care i need a skin for him
  3. have you ever played pvp before? a general not trying to be rude.
  4. a little creepy but its ok... and RIP void Wyvern my fav gen 2 tame.
  5. i doubt it. but we do have orcs!
  6. some time in 2022 or 2023.
  7. Fiber Craft: most likely PC: mod support yes
  8. it better have pvp i want to kill people i need to release some repressed rage!
  9. this is the ark 2 forums buddy and yes you can build in caves on official server at lest on pvp i remember
  10. magmasaur voidwyrm spino... that is all
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