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  1. You think perhaps the next Tek dino could be something original? Seems like you're sticking to just the ones that already have tek skins, which is lazy imo. Let's be honest, nobody wants a tek Parasaur.
  2. The game is dead because of griefers/trolls, spamming pillars around the map, and alpha tribes that wipe new players. Lag has nothing to do with the lack of players. Also, new content comes before optimization, otherwise that content could unfix whatever they fix. Welcome to Early Access games, if you don't like the way they're developed, don't play Early Access games.
  3. Really nice effect with all those flares, and nice finish line too
  4. With "more efficient" gas on the way, I take it gasoline times could be nerfed? It's extremely easy to make, so I don't really see why a more efficient gas would be necessary. Unless of course, tek tier requires large amounts of gas.
  5. More efficient gas? Wonder how that would work.
  6. This picture is a great representation of whenever I try to grab a red supply drop.
  7. Wow would you just look at that amazing blue.. supply drop!
  8. Not the only thing huh? Hope the other(s) include the spino!
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