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  1. I dont play ark for like 1 or 2 years i dont know, but i try to join today and i got global ban.. I really dont know why
  2. I go comment on every post,this game dont need events,need be fix,so many hackers,crashes,ddos its impossible to play fix this game just this....
  3. Man all servers have aimbot we cant play,i count 21 servers with ddos in one day,this game its so broken
  4. Its sad man wildcard dont care for us,just care for money,its a App on appstore for ddos Servers...
  5. Can please fix aimbot? So many hackers
  6. Cool but primitive dont have more drops and dinos,Very cool work wildcard
  7. Cool,but a get meshed today and i dont play more oficial because the suport off wildcard its the worst
  8. Nice very Nice Wildcard lol... Ban your players from nothing
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