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  1. Ok guys my question is what did you raptor us on prim+ out of while you are showering my official kin that you like more than your forgotten children with holiday cheer? Bc we all know damn well that I won't see raptor claus or any new holiday skins or event colors or anything else other than a big raptor you for my brothers and sisters and I but you'll damn sure take from us. You took all the wild dinosaurs from the center and the island 7 weeks ago and make no effort to fix your raptor up bc you couldn't break us by taking drops, blueprints, or anything yet we still hold on you're obviously just trying to create a reason to get rid of us. Look here you dumb raptors YOU hardwired prim+ into the package so it's your RESPONSIBILITY to do right by us too. But instead you repeatedly take from us. It's bullpoop I'll garandamntee you our official kin WOULD NOT hold on like we have; you took all wild dinosaurs from 2 maps and yet we repeatedly commit suicide and harvest the meat from our own bodies just to keep our tames fed. You know as well as I do that official would not show that kind of determination or loyalty. they would have said raptor you and your game we'll play something else. You could have a gold mine of more players just by not screwing your customers over
  2. Wow prim plus gets excluded from the event? I'd say I'm shocked, but my mom taught me not to lie; and let's face it you guys crap on us every chance you get. I'm still downloading the update so I haven't had a chance to figure out what all you screwed up yet, but I'll find out soon enough
  3. On xbox one all the primitive+ servers are gone. Why is it everytime you have an update, you poop all over us? We paid the same money everyone else did and you treat us like excrement on your boots. We just want to play the game we love the same as everyone, really this is getting old.
  4. So does prim+ also get to participate in this event or do we get shafted as usual?
  5. So does prim+ also get to participate in this event or do we get shafted as usual?
  6. Apparently it wasn't enough to lie about fixing coal,they also took away the drops, AGAIN why do they constantly take everything from us? We paid the same money everyone else did and don't get any of the events and if they screw something up it's months before they even try to set it right, and IF they fix one thing they screw up 6 others. so far you can't craft canteens or climbing picks without a bp, which you can't get either anymore, no drops, and no coal. All we want is to enjoy the same things everyone else is allowed to.
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