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  1. Anailaigh

    Defeated Rockwell on SP - get constant radioactive sound

    Yes. it doesnt matter. as i RESTARTED the character entirely an the same issue was still occurring.....
  2. Anailaigh

    Keep getting DC'ed randomly... important!

    One of the most recent patches last week for aberration has caused all the servers i play on mainly aberration to drop me an call it a host connection loss anywhere between 5minutes to an hour after being on. Its really annoying when on aberration esp in the drake pit! please look into this and dont tell me to verify my cache, ive done all the regular things its gotta be on yer end. its 99% happening on aberration servers that are DEDICATED not SP
  3. was doing a vid, so once i defeated him in SP an restarted the game in which ark promptly boots you from (very annoying btw...) i log in and start the same character again and sounds like im constantly radiated... so, delete character start new one... same issue. stupid crackling sound is constant an it wont go away an i cant rec vids with constant crackling sound X_X
  4. Anailaigh

    Disappearing Dinos Fix Thread

    id like to know,why dinos randomly vanish as early as 5 mins or less from an obby... an are there but then dont appear when you click on the bring back button or w/e ... like its there in the list not greyed out or w/e... its really agitating!