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  1. Now that's just too bad. Maybe I am idealistic but yes, you should be excited for everyone. You need to get rid of the entitlement as it will only hurt you in the future. Victim mentality is something I see way too much of. I do care that you have a job and that you payed for this game that you want to enjoy. If you had never read this forum and simply enjoyed this game for what it is you would never have come here. So play on a server for a while to calm down. And if you didn't want to care about the other players then why ARE you here. At that point your woes are self inflicted. I am not saying wildcard has made great decisions. Scorched Earth was handled horribly as well as communications and updates. In this case however I don't think wildcard deserves the hate.
  2. Nobody in this thread has stopped to consider the business ramifications. Has anyone thought about the wording of the original post. Together wildcard and Sony worked together. This is business speak for "we went back and forth with them for a long time before agreeing to give them exclusives that would boost their console sales in exchange for a release on their platform. No, it is not inconsideration or a slap in the face. It was a business decision made for the benefit of ark and wildcards economic future. To me that justifies the exclusives...but sure whine about things you don't understand and if you think you could make better business decisions apply to work there. Done with the rant post. Lets just be excited about the future of the game together people. This community is better than this.
  3. NovaCon

    statue of ark

    Neato statue but the real reason I like this photo is your argent...man i wish i could do that!
  4. People need to shut their traps and let the game develop....

  5. they are much faster in game than the spotlight portrays them
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