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  1. God where to start.....it sounds like you're pretty clued in about the usefulness of those dinosaurs and honestly seems like your friends just being pretty stubborn. Anyway just to clarify as a third party for you.... No rexes aren't useless they're the go to for boss fights off of aberration for a reason they're tanky and have a good health to damage output. While they aren't always the best for the job ie when theris can heal better for the dragon or megatheriums can get a buff fighting the broodmother they are the best option if you want to fight bosses with the least amount of breeding nee
  2. I'm assuming you mean they don't show up? That would be correct as I don't believe it's possible to transfer characters from solo to multiplayer like that. The only way I recon you could maybe do it is if whoever owns the server puts the character files in the servers world or cluster directory. Even then I wouldn't be surprised if it wouldn't load them. If your not hosting your own server (on your own hardware not through a provider) I really doubt it's possible but maybe someone else will know of something different
  3. From when I was using sli (two 760s so not different performance bracket by far) I remember trying anything I could find and nothing really helped yeah the second card worked but no more than the 40 ish percent mentioned. I ended up finding out it was probably due to the unreal engine which apparently doesn't like sli in general. Either way I never got it working and upgrading to a 1070 was the best move I ever made definitely not going back. Also it's worth noting sli causes weird rendering issues with fire in ark, I've experienced it and if you watch any of syntac's newest videos you can see
  4. There are tonnes of argies in the mountain areas on scorched (darker rocks rather than the sandy ones) also there are the lymantria although as tames go they probably aren't worth it. If you need help finding Dino's on any map the wiki on gamepedia is a great resource for identifying areas they spawn in. In terms of transferring I'm assuming your on single player not sure how that works especially since you have 2 characters but try the obelisks that's where you usually go about transferring stuff. Sorry someone else might be more helpful there
  5. Off the top of my head presuming that those settings are written right I'm pretty sure auto unlock works as you level so if your already level 50 you'll only start unlocking these engrams from 51+ if this is the only problem a mindwipe should be enough fix it
  6. Just spit balling here but if your on single player and haven't increased any of the harvest amounts then it could be due to the game using "single player settings" I think there's a tick box to use sever settings when you load the world, in theory that will make your single player world identical to official servers
  7. shot in the dark but potentially an overly agressive overclock (even long term stable ones can become unstable with time)
  8. Yep, gonna just add myself to this list, had it happen with wyverns argues and Griffins at least, the worst is when I land them at base go inside, do some crafting and they just disappear because they've run into the forest or off a cliff it something
  9. Hmm only thing I can think is whether they were all connecting properly? Do you have hitmarkers turned on? It's easy to shoot something even have blood spatter but have the hit not count
  10. Did you use dododex to get an estimate of the number needed? If you did remember torpor goes up over time so unless you time it perfectly you'll need a bit more than what's estimated also gigas lose torpor insanely fast so if you pause at any point during the knocking out it'll drop like a stone
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