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  1. Yup. I got gold to test it and it still happens. It's like the game doesn't remember I explored at all. I decided the best way for me to fix this is to buy it on PC so Friday that's my plan!
  2. So I think it may have to do with gold. I started a brand new gamertag and started a new game. Map still resets. Then I realized that my husband has gold and I do not. Could this be the cause? If so can we please get a fix wc?
  3. Yeah, yours is much more severe. Mine is literally just the map itself resetting. Like I can completely explore a map and have it all filled in but when next I log on my mini map is all blank again.
  4. Do you mind linking me to the post? The only posts I can find by them seem to be a different issue. Mine isn't game breaking. Dinos and all are still there, the player map itself just doesn't stay filled out and my map pins are removed.
  5. Hello! I love ark and have been pretty obsessively playing it since I bought it. However I've had one major issue (and a few minor ones). Every time I log in my map has been cleared as if I never explored at all. All pins are missing. I always exit through the menu and even tried using the saveworld command as well. I deleted my first character and started another but it still happened. I switched to prim+ with a new character and it still happened. Recently I finally made it to scorched earth with a brand new survivor and it's happening there as well. Switching to abberation did not relieve the issue. Starting a new game on a new gamertag did not either. Could this be related to having xbox live gold? My husband has it but I do not and his map works fine. Of interesting note, my husband also plays singleplayer on his own gamertag but his map works fine, it saves his exploration progress and map pins. I've taken to marking areas of interest on a printed map that I keep with me while I play but having the real thing work properly would rock. Thanks for any advice!
  6. Holy necro batman! Just posting to say I am also having this problem. I play singleplayer, xbone, on the island. My husband also plays singleplayer on his own gamertag but does not have this issue. I have created two separate characters and both had the problem.
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