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  1. ? if anything i want to be sneaky when theyre online..
  2. sign my mousepad
  3. You just made a good suggestion! we should tag our posts with pc/console/pvp/pve. Having that said, I think the devs know about which community we come from
  4. When this msg pops up, some tribes have it so it @everyone in discord. So on servers they have low pop on, they let the discord bot defend for them.
  5. If not completely remove then I would suggest making some of the following changes: -Reduce the range of which the parasaur detects -Reduce the range of which the pararsaur notifies -Remove the "XX parasaur has detected an enemy" at the top of your screen and leave us with the red dot. -Remove turret mode and have the parasaur only work if it is being mounted and using right click. -Only detect enemies that are in line of sight, still see people in the mesh but could not have parasaurs in a 1x1 box. Would let us knock it out/kill it. -Make the red dot an egg hat. Discord bots and cave meta sucks and parasaurs are big contributors to that
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