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  1. ? Removed this game, the world is beautiful
  2. when the game just came out, you remember how a bug was fixed (for not fair play) since then a lot of things have changed. All my friends loved this game, but every year there were more bugs and the play was not real, bugs, kickbacks, and the players began to leave , even if new ones come, they will not linger here, you need to think up something that can attract an audience, a new world or an arena for popes or a zone, for co-voting, something like that or in a year the game will die ....
  3. Hi bro, yes I know 4 ways to demolish any top base to one person, I want all the bugs to be fixed or to completely redo the mechanics or something that prevented this, playing this game every year, you know, or you, and have to play is not fair, because in war all means are good
  4. Все верно,ограничение турелей, это глупо, одним Дино можно базу разрядить, если бы сократили время томоение или сделали бы арены для трайбов на типа wow
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