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  1. Avgarkplayer

    Most Annoying Creature

    Farming on Doedicurus.
  2. Avgarkplayer

    artwork fan art tattoo style

    You got some talent there. Nice job.
  3. Avgarkplayer

    Favorite tames?

    My favorites? I'd say Rock elemental's Number 1 and 2 Wyvern's hands down.
  4. Avgarkplayer

    Use of a bred Yuty

    Honestly Imprinting bonus. I think it's fun breeding Yutys.
  5. Be nice if you could log on through other terminals other then one.
  6. Avgarkplayer

    betrayed by own tribe

    Sucks, sorry this happened to you.
  7. Avgarkplayer


    Hi, do you mind sharing the outcome? Player count, dino count+death. I have same Rex type as you but higher stats. Thank you.
  8. Avgarkplayer

    Why are gigas so stupid?

    Recently my Giga had been dropping in food like mad crazy walking or running. I had to unmount, die, return to base and grab meat to feed it. Kept doing it until I logged off and logged back on.
  9. Avgarkplayer

    september's tek dino's????

    My money is on Quetzal but my dream tek Dino is Griffin
  10. Avgarkplayer

    Hello :)

    Hello, I started playing Ark few months back and I got to say it is very addicting. I'm still learning and hope I can one day become good ark player Anyhow thought I'd drop by and say hi to you all.
  11. Avgarkplayer

    Raptor Pounce. Really bad design.

    Strange. I have always return from being restrain and took the raptors out within seconds.
  12. Avgarkplayer

    screenshot What Do You Think?

    That's pretty cool looking, nice job.
  13. Avgarkplayer

    ARK: Extinction Release Date Revealed!

    Looking forward to it. Can't wait.
  14. Avgarkplayer

    Speciality Server Suggestions!

    This would be amazing.