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  1. that, i got literaly 7 gacha glaus near my base and i cant transfer the coal to his inventory and if i drop they dont take it, any ideas??
  2. im honestly asking if this is normal the 459pve was duplicated then one of them was taken down, renamed as 443 and was pvp leaving tons of characters traped on pvp, then they change the server to pve again, i get in again now , 1h later servers is not there anymore we spend 12h gameplay there, what should i do now? start over and lose all my dinos and structures? taking suggestions about that 443 server
  3. we lose a character there, why not just put it as pve? is not funy make they guys lose 90 characters most of them 130+
  4. stats now, but i know cuteness could be a factor
  5. so, which one is best? i dont know much about them but want to start getting them, or just is the color important :P?
  6. so, anyone find a good way to find them in high lvl? best i got is kill normal quetzals on island and watch the spawn zones...
  7. some ppl tell me tributes consume when you open the door, and other ppl say they never consume, there is someone who know truly if they consume or not? maeby only in alpha or beta?
  8. anyone know other way to kill wild gigas? maeby with poison wyv? a way diferent than a trap or other giga
  9. i hope no, lots of chinese players block them always
  10. jvlivs


    i think transfer salmons are the best idea, on blue zone is really hard..
  11. Hi to all, i got a mesopithecus with 46 points on md, i wanted to ask if someone got a use for that xDD
  12. jvlivs


    yea i see the size is like most important, but to make a perfect tame need salmos, i see i could clean the zone with a rifle and normal ammo, couldnt find other way to get salmons
  13. i wanted to ask to ppl who tame them on aberration, what is the best way, i have been days looking for 150 but where i found highs i only see normal fish, so where should i get salmons? anyone got coords of a good and safe place for that? or just almost imposible get a high otter on ab?
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