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  1. I've had this issue since the Winter Wonderland 4 Event. Its not only Ragnarok but also Valguero and the Rockdrake nests on Aberration. Ive done everything to fix it but i haven't been able to. A few of my other friends on xbox in singpleplayer have the same issue.
  2. I've played Prim Plus before and I really like it. True it is much difficult to get tames, I don't play on servers but I can imagine that it's a bit tougher to defend. All that aside I vote to take it to the main game and keep it on its own as is. I absolutely love all the building pieces and furniture bits. You can make much more aesthetic builds and towns or just to make your base look nicer. Yall could even make s server where there's a town already built you and your tribe have to defend it from waves on dinos or something. Another thing about Prim Plus I adore the new crops. It's so much fun to pant all the seeds together and harvest them make new food items. As my last bit, I will say this, take the building bits and stations and food to the main game but also keep it as it's own version of the game.
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