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  1. okay, bybye Ascension scorched earth, bybye patch light.. LOL game suggestion for doing what? really so sad!
  2. Hope you take care about the top ten game suggestion voted like ascension, bloom option, TlC3 and others contents, optimisation, undermesh, Thanks
  3. Scorched earth, price : 25e Ragnarock : free Same. A ascension give more hours gameplay on SE, and complete story. AND no problem with price after that
  4. yeah you'r right, many years, i post some screen shot here
  5. WC say one day, do this, but not have the time.. now have the time, think this come soon, now with the game suggestion vote, i think to, cuz already 19 want it
  6. This is a suggestions since many years, now i hope this can be listenning by WC for real
  7. need to playing with sunglasses !!! i vote!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. since many years we ask à patch on ps4 and others support to the light, sun, bright.. sunglasses always on eyes. Seriously patch this please WC
  9. Thanks WC!!! Same. Best game please do more TLC, optimization, fixe bug, hole in cave, in map fixe the light on ps4 and xbox. Add items, dinos
  10. Switch can be support for now this event. Its so big sorry. They already answer
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