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  1. Single Player Settings Not Saving Hey guys, so I started another playthrough on SP, on Aberration. Some of my saved SP settings are working, such as player level stats, and some of my dino ones too. But I've noticed the weight level up for tamed Dino's, isn't changing. I have it set to 20x in the SP settings window, and in the ini. And it's still going at default rates. Any help?
  2. I've had this issue twice as well did you summon the Ferox? or was it a wild one?
  3. Featherlight Wandering Hey guys. So I'm playing on Aberration with my friends and I was wondering if any body knew if there was a way to make your Featherlights fly when on wander or just fly around in general. I built a really nice pen for them and I don't want them to just bobble around with the rest of the pets, I'd like them to fly around the cage. Anybody know if I can make it happen? My screenshot of the pen is too big to upload
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