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  1. i ran this at the weekend and u can run in with pods and unpod at the entrance and then at the last corner
  2. why are people still walking things down on follow? unpod 2 gigas and a yuty just at the entrance any more than 3 riders unpod rex to ride on 2 gigas kill all on way down. once the cave is clear there is 1 place where u can unpod more rex. just on the last turn where the second giga spawns just up the hill is where u unpod. u should make it to that part with 20-25 minutes to spare. gives every person in there chance to unpod at least 2-3 rex each without cryosickness.from there follow all up to the overseer pad.if you dont make it to the pad and enter the overseer lair before the timer runs out you die and loose everything. once up at overseer i find it easier to whistle attack target the rex while you run and gun otherwise u spend more time and waste dps chasing the overseer on slow rex just avoid the enforcers and drones and its an easy win last one i ran with 7 ppl took me 25 mins from entering to ascension
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