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  1. This would be awesome - but needed to be added to each boss as a generic unlock
  2. I am always for more building options. the minecraft is the best part of the game!
  3. would be really nice for single player tribes!
  4. i like them non breedable.. makes the special events ones more unique. Saddles should be a thing though!
  5. the ring would be easier to see i guess but the dinos have a trough icon on them when they are within range.
  6. Is a great idea. Would like to see cosmetic upgrades for the planters too, maybe stone/metal/tek versions
  7. Having servers with a known refresh rate might more favorable. blank wiping would enrage people who have spent countless hours on the game. servers with a setup 3 month/6 month wipe might be neat.. but can;t expect everyone to be happy with an arbitrary wipe.
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