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  1. Can we just have some news on Prim Plus please. You know all of the issues. You may not have a fix for them. Let us know this. Please do not reply, we are working on it. Just say that no one is working on it. That would be a better response. Valguero drops tomorrow. We want to know if Prim Plus is getting fixed at all. I am going to venture and say no. If I am right, just be honest. Quit lying to us. Again, quit lying to us. Will it be fixed? The sad reality is that no one at Wild Card is a big enough of an adult to answer without lying. Ark is an awesome game when it works. I have asked for a
  2. Prim Plus has to be going away. I have been letting WV know since day 1 about drops not working. Dont know why they dont fix the drop issue. Or the issue of Giga no harvesting Stego or kibble being completely broken on Prim Plus. I am sure they are just letting it go I fixed in hope's that server population will drop so they can eliminate the Prim Plus servers. They had a meeting on the future of Prim us I was told by a former employee of WC and it did not go well for Prim players. I just stand up because I want them to admit that Prim Plus is going away or not getting fixed so the honest peo
  3. Still no colored dinos on Prim Plus? Can anyone confirm that we are not getting them on Prim Plus? Send a tweet to Ced via twitter. I have done too. Maybe he will respond to you.
  4. Kibble does not tame right on xbox pve prim plus cross ark 4 ragnarok. You can make it just fine but it does not work on ankys and many other dinos. It gives .2% each feeding and lowers the taming effectiveness. Drops of course still do not work. Just a fyi. Can we please get some response to the progress on these issues. I can confirm these issues as I have tried within the past hour. It s may 2nd, 2019 and it is still broken. Many on our server have left to play Conan now. I want them to play Ark so please fix immediately.
  5. On XBox On Prim Plus Cross Ark 4, There are no loot drops and the crates do not re-spawn either. You can not harvest coal and the new kibble system does not work as intended. You can make the new kibble but it does not work when taming. If the dino is requiring simple kibble to tame, it is only going up .4% each kibble piece. This is the same with the other categories as well. However, with some dinos if you give the dino its old kibble preference it works. Not with all though. These issues have been going on since the new kibble update and have not been fixed. When the patch came out after H
  6. I will love the new kibble system when it works on Prim Plus on Xbox. Currently the new kibble can be crafted but does not work when taming dinos. It only give .1 Percent for every kibble it eats. If the dino says small kibble and you give it small kibble, it only goes up .1 %. Please fix this and for some reason we can not get coal on Prim Plus but we can now make gasoline. We cant use gasoline on Prime Plus. LOL
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