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  1. The Island EU 230 I was replanting trees and got stuck in one of them so anti meshing killed me and I lost all my gear.
  2. Anti meshing So you guys add the anti meshing system but we still can get stuck in replanted trees which now counts as meshing. I lost all my gear to this. If I would have had Dino’s on me I would have lost them to.
  3. No we want evolution rates everyday not just the weekend. Just 2x rates.
  4. Extend Evolution Event! I didn’t get to do near as much as I wanted to because of the lock last night that stayed all night till this morning. I swear the people in control of this game are dumb. Wild card doesn’t listen to the community at all, this game is going to go down just like H1Z1 did.
  5. Really after what happened last night now your doing maintenance? After last night the stuff that went on that made me lose tames and gear and now I’m trying to get back some things I lost and now they want to do maintenance I have a knocked out Petra and I’m probably going to lose it to.
  6. Login lock Yep I’m done with this game, didn’t get to finish with the remainder of the 2x for the Sunday night. And now I’ve lost a few Dino’s I was transporting and my good gear. raptor this game. also what kind of losers explicit their website. To no cussing. Goodbye Peter Pan devs. Y’all aren’t even answering anyone what’d you guys get wasted and press the wrong keys after the super bowl?
  7. How you ganna tell me if I don’t like official don’t play official. I’ve been on official since pc beta. And let me tell you I’ve come across more solo players on official then actual big tribes.
  8. If you think the current normal rate is great then tell me why most people play on unofficial? I know way to many people and you tubers who hate official because of their lack of resources. And why is it small tribes can be 3x.
  9. Only on weekends. Should be everyday, how they ganna have small tribes 3x all the time and leave regular official on 1x.
  10. Keep 2x on official regular servers Who thinks wild card should change the official regular servers to always be on 2x now? This game has been out for years and I’ve been playing since pc beta. At least that way when wild card raptors up like they are tonight or server raiders come to your server you can get back on your feet faster.
  11. Same with me. Wild Card is poop, but yet they want to bring out another map. I swear if I lose my Dino’s I’m done with this game.
  12. I’m getting tired of this poop. I can’t get in either, this game is a waste of my time if I loose all my poop and I will quit this game.
  13. Login lock ps4 DILO! is login lock and how do I get rid of it. Yet another issue with this dumbass game. I get kicked from the game and try to log back it and it’s saying login lock. I can’t even get back in and get the Dino I was on. I swear if I loose three Dino’s to this poop I’m raptoring done with this game. I’m getting tired of wasting my time with these stupid ass issues since the last patch. This game has just gotten pooptier as it goes on yet they want to real see another big update to the game!
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