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  1. ThesaurusRex

    Sarco's Death-Roll

    I too think a grab action for the Sarco would be neat
  2. Well oh my crap, guys. They actually did it. The Sarcosuchus was included in the TLC update with underwater sprint, a lunge attack, quick-turns and a grabbing death roll. It's no longer a scaly brick! I think I still would have liked to see it become an amphibious carrier like the Kapro, but it looks like they experimented with the latter's ability to grab fish and decided it didn't work out. Still, love the changes! I've been having a great deal of fun with the new Sarco. Shoutout to the Wildcard devs for their hard work and the love they put into this stuff! If, in any unlikely way, the ideas in this thread influenced the concepts in the TLC, then I just wanted to say thanks for listening to my incoherent babbling about Best Dinosaur and drawing something useful out of it
  3. Who thinks these changes should be in the TLC update?
  4. Doesn't it already do that? Underwater, at least. Someone else a while ago also suggested the lunge attack be right click and grabbing be C. Which kinda makes a bite more sense. A hiss/water bellow would make for a cool levelup animation!
  5. Is there any way the ARK servers can actually be compatible with IPv6? I feel like this is a rather important hurdle preventing many people from playing online. Specifically those who only have ipv6 and are unable to modify their router to IPv4 which is what's required for online play.
  6. ThesaurusRex

    humor ARK: The External Drive

    This current revision of ARK: Survival Evolved lands the disk space at around 100 GB. Many may have to uninstall other games, get new hardware or a new computer entirely to run it. Wildcard ought to sell an external SSD with the ARK logo printed on it tailored specifically to meet the space demands for the game. It'd be like an old cartridge game, except one meant to run on a NASA supercomputer!
  7. ThesaurusRex

    Raft Raiding Defense

    An explosive watercraft trap, you say? Those are called naval mines...
  8. ThesaurusRex

    Floppy Fish

    This would be an easy fix to aquatic creatures' instadeath upon contact with open air. If they manage to somehow wind up on the shore, just make them flop around burning up stamina and oxygen until they flop back in the water. If larger animals beach themselves, they should be able to wiggle themselves back into the water (but not further onto land). This would also at least make it possible to transport aquatic tames across bodies of water. (maybe let the Kapro carry fish again?)
  9. ThesaurusRex

    nerf needed

    Right? If anything it needs a buff. Why is it so damn slow? I like how if you look up its Utilities in the ARK wiki, nearly every use says to level up movement speed. Ain't Wildcard ever see Jurassic Park II?
  10. I don't know, man. The way they implemented the Kapro feels awful suspicious. Awful suspicious... Still as valid as ever! Perhaps moreso due to all the cooler dinos romping around...
  11. They can't jump straight out of the water, though. They don't have 3D swimming either. And the flyers all have a similar basic concept, just with different intensities.
  12. Who wants to see the Sarco do this? [Gif Link]
  13. Like howdah saddles? I never thought of having a howdah on a sarco. Not sure if it would work, though it does sound cool. I think a Carbonemys would be able to have one and have a similar amphibious niche.
  14. Right now, the Sarco is a decent amphibious transporter that's faster than a boat and carries more stuff than a flyer. Other than that it's been given the short end of the stick
  15. ThesaurusRex

    Introducing the Equus!

    After looking at the dossier, this looks like a very fun animal to have! But I think it really only needs one finishing touch to keep it in tune with what seems to have been the major theme of ARK: This animal looks, sounds and feels a lot like it could be Dinohippus. How about change its name to that instead of Equus? That would be awesome!