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  1. After looking at the dossier, this looks like a very fun animal to have! But I think it really only needs one finishing touch to keep it in tune with what seems to have been the major theme of ARK: This animal looks, sounds and feels a lot like it could be Dinohippus. How about change its name to that instead of Equus? That would be awesome!
  2. I would have preferred an extinct camelid, like Gigantocamelus, Aepycamelus the giraffe-like camelid, or Hemiauchenia the giant llama. They would have looked nice in the snow biome.
  3. Pach just sounds like it conflicts with Pachy...
  4. Why is the artist calling them 'Ursus'? That's the bear genus...
  5. ThesaurusRex

    Fat Cat

    Diet: Omnivorous? Me no think so
  6. Geez! How much did that lower your framerate?
  7. ThesaurusRex

    Dossier: Leech

    That's nasty. Cool! Do they stick to you/your mount if you get too close to them and drain health?
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