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  1. Rag 382 wiped? I am hoping this is going to be fixed with a rollback...but currently my main map has suddenly reset to day 1? I certainly hope wildcard would not make an arbitrary decision to wipe a server and restart it without giving players the opportunity to move belongings...
  2. I hate my life. I think that's what it is. I thought the huge ass multi hour download I did was the new map
  3. Can't access Crystal Isles servers So I have been trying for 5 hours now after patch. I select any of the NA crystal isles maps (they are not listed as full) and I start the load process, the screen flickers and kicks me back to the main ark page with the steam overlay showing all new and exciting crystal isles content. I have tried multiple times on multiple servers. I have tried joining through friend. I have tried joining through Battlemetrics. I have verified files. I CAN go in on single player. Suggestions?
  4. Note all I did was teleport from our ocean TP TO a public tp in the swamp...and that rock drake is still there flickering all over the sky like that- the giga tped about 5 bronto lengths from the actual tp, damaged itself and I could not 'catch it as it flickered all over the wall of a cliff for some time.
  5. Problems with dino teleport-Genesis There has been a rash of teleport problems with dinos on our Genesis 602. People losing dinos that go poof- no death message and no alternative spawn points...and with both HLNA and actual TP pads. For us it has been while using a tp pad from an ocean platform not sure if that is part of the problem. Happened with a fully imprinted giga yesterday and again today. Yesterday's is just gone...today this one was farr off from the Telepad jumping around against a cliff wall. I managed to film when my ravager did this inside the confines of a ocean pad bas
  6. Ab 380 PVE has been wiped.... Uhm...guys? Not a single structure, I am not in tribe aaaand I am stuck there with a main toon as there are no drops spawning. I am trying really hard not to panic assuming you will roll it all back. Please fix.
  7. Dude...you realize you are asking THE guy that made the primitive content....the guy that loves being a 'caveman' the most...to 'step out of his cave'?! I mean srsly...have you SEEN the big scary things out there???!!!
  8. Longtime player, multiple servers and even from my perspective the events are tortuous. I hung on through Ab 380 being at 155 ping each weekend and rockdrakes unflyable and trikes unusable because of it...It got better. I guess I keep hoping for improvement on Rag as well but with friends departing the server and leaving the game over these crashes and losing toons I am losing faith. The silence on behalf of Wildcard has been deafening.
  9. Rag 382 is down multiple times a day for an hour or more. So many lost eggs/babies, toons lost to rollback etc.
  10. Lol...the character lost was my second toon. I have my tribe owner max toon sitting in the cloud. But my working toon is the breeder/imprint daily use toon.
  11. This is the second time. The first was my main character...only character at the time. I am a tribe owner on Ab and on Rag and when the Game ate my toon- the exact same way first day of Xmas event no less....I would have been wiped if not for my husband having just made a toon as a placeholder for both tribes. It was THREE MONTHS before they came to 'fix' it. I had not played on my account on the server the body of my toon was disconnected on, assuming they would just reactivate her. You could physically see her..she was just link dead. I did not make a new toon because I thought that would
  12. Character Loss So once again I have lost a character due to server crashes and roll backs. Full Alpha on all fights. Plus 5 levels on chibi. Max. Countless imprinted dinos. Babies being raised that can now no longer be imprinted. And so I go to make a ticket knowing I once again have lost countless hours and work and that Wildcard will not restore this stuff despite the fact they repeatedly break the game. Me starting a new toon and doing all the work- again. Is not a solution. If you are going to persist with rollbacks and breaking the servers you need to restore a toon fully.
  13. PLEASE make dinos/imprints account bound. Having leveled several toons on different maps there is nothing more frustrating than having to figure out what cryoed dinos is imprinted to which toon. Likewise when raising dinos some are imprinted to an older toon and switching out especially during laggy events can be a horror. While there are many things I could rant on this is one small thing WC can do for us old timers who have multiple toons. Not to mention when toons are lost, there is no need to pull out a thousand dinos to switch imprints to a new toon- thus saving your GMs a huge amount
  14. Hello again Mister Dudebro Things you get wrong: 1. I am a female not a 'lad'. Crazy concept in an internet game, amiright? Please consider your default perceptions of who peoples your gaming communities. 2.I chose to play a game on official settings- meaning the fact I am not playing on my own availability curve is part of that. If I can't spend the time to play the game per the rl time investment, I can play on unofficial at my own pace. That is NEVER a legit reason to cheat. 3. I am very bothered by a setting where a clearly defined set of rules is haphazardly applied on a whi
  15. Wow. So now not supporting cheating and playing by the rules...and expecting that in the official server I play on....is about feeling superior and boosting folks ego? okaaaaaay..... This is simple folks. What modality is being used in the application of enforcement? The rules lay out very specifically what will happen if you break these rules, and instead the same perpetrators are pumping out several generations of babies with no action from Wildcard curtailing their activities. This is INCREDIBLY damaging to a community...especially as I personally know people who were nuked for it before
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