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  1. Those large walls were sooooo poorly done...it made me sad. I wanted to use them to replace all the smaller sections but nope. The no top down, the no matching size issue...WHY Wildcard? :(
  2. So while you guys are absolutely correct and tames and structures play a part in lag- there is a studied difference when an event rolls around and suddenly you are server crashing 9 times in an hour after a certain play time of a certain player base is primary. Nope it was not more players because it was an event either. It is just certain folks are willing to crash a server to dupe and owl glitch during said event because they can. A GM responded to a friend's ticket and in responding to 'why is this so bad lately' the GM said it was because of the rampant duping and owl glitches. The fact I went in global and announced I would be ticketing glitchers and linked this post requesting a GM to ghost the server to find cheaters....and how it magically became stable from that point on...yeah. It isn't the game any more than the usual problems. When THIS stuff happens...it's the cheaters.
  3. So, after making this post, commenting in global chat I would be ticketing owl glitchers and linking this post...the server was suddenly stable. Either a Gm came in and dealt with folks....or the cheaters thought better of continuing with the possibility a GM would respond to the complaint. Server was fine until just now- about 5am eastern US. If you are having regular mysterious crashes, feel free to post server, how many crashes in what time frame etc so Wildcard has the option to go in and see whats up.
  4. 8-9 crashes in the last hour or so. Most in quick succession at the tail end of things.
  5. Duping just starting up- Rag 382 You can always tell when it is that time of day. Server performing fine. Certain time rolls around and server crash after server crash. Can we get a real time response and have a GM pop in on Rag 382 PVE to watch the exploiters please? Losing more baby dinos because of these cheaters. Undercover GM banning these aholes on the spot would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  6. Awesome, thanks guys! This answers a lot of questions for me and folks buying eggies. Invincible, you have truly #savedmy world lol lol! I am so punny
  7. The Glitched nest issue is unique to rockdrakes as i understand it. The rock drake area has a lot of mesh issues and often a drake gets stuck in the mesh and will repeatedly spawn eggs until the drake despans wherever it is meshed. The folks that taught me to raid nests conveyed this had been exhaustively reported, and was a well known bug. My concern is that I had always thought the id per egg was different but it seems they are not. Looking for clarification that this is 'normal' though server chat folks say their drake ids are the same as well when they have multiple births from one egg? Same mechanic as a glitched nest? Or something broken?
  8. Discussing this in Discord- other players are confirming their multiples- male and females- have the same dino id.
  9. Hmm. I was under the impression that even with glitched nests they rolled stats per egg? Except multiples from the same egg though of course you can have male or female. But in this case the person I sold eggs to says her ID numbers were the same- thus me looking to see if this is normal.
  10. Regarding Rock Drake Eggs and glitched nests So something odd occurred and a Google Search did not bring up possible answers. In the process of getting rid of a bunch of old rock Drake eggs collected during events and several being hatched, not only are several the same in looks (which I know happens with glitched nests), but the breeding ap is showing same id. Does anyone have any experience with this? This fridge of eggs are all the same level and is the compilation of a couple of us gathering eggs and being tossed into this fridge- spanning Vday, Easter, and summer event. Many eggs out of the other fridges are fine showing the usual variation in colors and stats. Is this a bug?
  11. ...Pretty sure I will get more crystal here than Extinction http://www.geologyin.com/2014/11/the-huge-cave-mines-at-naica-mexico.html?m=1&fbclid=IwAR23k29I8jE5NVJ5R5mEqmR7YUAvEoZKHPAmzuS2GtXGckWMKHpN6BQ1vIc
  12. Tek windows- Clear setting. hey gang- I would really LOVE for tek windows to have a see through setting. That is all
  13. Six times yesterday and the day before i got the Battleeye error twice. All since the last patch.
  14. Dino Mummy discovered! I thought this was pretty cool and this community in particular would enjoy it https://allthatsinteresting.com/nodosaur-dinosaur-mummy?fbclid=IwAR1IFaAGT3p_T8gTtfnMttd4IZIHGtsAKRf5qbEgCdjIntvm2IMj7nzvabw
  15. Yup always use the outtage thinger first. It was so bad though there needed to be an escalation though. Looks good so far. been stable for a couple hours now. Thanks!
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